YouTube offers 1080p Premium: the video quality increases, but be careful

YouTube is a service that has recently been criticized even by a part of the most loyal users in light of the increasingly clear focus on the need to offer the best new and existing features in the Premium package in order to entice consumers to subscribe, increasing revenue for Google’s home streaming service. It cannot be said, however, that the new features are unsatisfactory.

In these hours, in fact, the platform has expanded the test phase of the 1080p Premium mode on Android devices, Google TV and computers, allowing more and more users to experience a better streaming experience even in traditional Full HD. However, this is not new for everyone.

YouTube tests 1080p Premium: what changes?

More and more YouTube users are reporting the availability of the 1080p Premium standard among the various resolution options in these hours, but only if you are subscribed to YouTube Premium. It is a mode of transmission from higher bit rate which allows you to avoid wasting precious seconds waiting for buffering, while accessing a higher quality video stream. In this way, the images are sharper even when moving elements and scenes rich in details appear on the screen.

It is a solution that has been accessible for some time on iOS, which requires the use of a high speed internet connection. With this expansion of tests, however, the 1080p Premium standard is finally supported by large televisions, where it will certainly prove to be a marvel.

It will be a solution capable of attract more and more users to the Premium planor will it turn out to be a bonus like many others?


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