YouTube, other than ADblock: users are installing better tools

Recently YouTube has created an initiative to combat ad blocking in every way advertisers. This is a real experiment on a global level which would seem to have had a great success at first glance, especially in light of the uninstallation of the famous ADBlock software or extension by many users.

In reality it may have even had the opposite effect, as a large number of people would have chosen to turn to other solutions. In fact, new, even better, ad blocks have been installed.

According to some official reports, hundreds of thousands of users mass uninstalled ADBlock in October. At the same time, this data also shows record numbers of people who have chosen alternatives to counter YouTube ads.

YouTube, users have found other solutions to block ads

Ghosteryone of the useful extensions for blocking the most famous advertisements in the store Chromewould have recorded 5 times more installations in the last month.

Microsoft Edge also saw an increase in 30%, with users who, looking for an alternative to ADBlock, seem to have found what they wanted. The same goes for other software, i.e ADGuardwhose paid version would be immune to the block imposed by YouTube.

Right now, it seems like YouTube’s crackdown on ad blockers has people looking for better alternatives. Some users have even chosen to turn to solutions such as Newpipea YouTube-like website that can play videos from the platform without ads.

Industry experts warn that YouTube’s efforts to stop ad blockers could lead to more complex blocking solutions. What users don’t know is that by installing new extensions, real security holes could be created unintentionally.


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