YouTube Shorts challenges TikTok with AI to create music

I video in short format are now a global phenomenon, also driven by the tools of TikTok which make it easy to add background music to them.

In the wake of this success, however, other competitors of the social network just mentioned are also trying to take better care of short-term content. In this sense, Google he has shown that he wants to move incisively, working on YouTube Shorts adding an AI feature called Dream Track.

This feature should allow you to generate complete pieces of music, including lyrics, reproducing the style of some of the most popular artists in the industry. In fact, among the names of artists taken as “inspiration” are:

  • Demi Lovato
  • Is
  • T-Pain
  • Charlie Puth
  • John Legend
  • Troye Sivan

and many other important names.

But how is it possible that some of the most important singers on the world scene lend themselves to this type of use of their voice? According to what YouTube said, those who helped train the algorithms linked to Dream Track could obtain a portion of advertising revenue linked to the videos generated.

After the opening of Shopify to music generated with AI, this would be yet another demonstration of how (at least in the music sector) Artificial Intelligence and artists can coexist without particular problems.

YouTube Shorts and AI to create music: How does Dream Track work?

He also expressed his opinion regarding the news relating to YouTube Shorts Lyor Cohenthe head of YouTube’s music industry and a figure who helped launch the careers of artists such as Beastie Boys, Public Enemy e Run-DMC.

In a statement on the website of WIRED, the music mogul demonstrated his surprise at Dream Track’s potential. Cohen, stated how “I knew that not only did we have something unique and special, but something that I believed the music industry would appreciate and want to work with“.

But how does Dream Track work? In fact, in order to create a 30-second clip, it is necessary to type a message that broadly describes the sound and theme of the text. Once this is done, just choose the reference artist for the style and you can start creating the song.



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