From now on, the creator active on standard YouTube will be able to delegate the care of subtitles for the videos uploaded to their Channel and will have, in some markets in this case, a renewed section for search statistics. On YouTube Music, however, the carousels reveal a small restyling.
YouTube: the launch of news in favor of creators, a small restyling on Music

With some innovations in favor of the Shorts, the new round of YouTube improvements involves mostly creators, providing them with a “help” to improve the subtitles, and a renewed section of statistical research data, which intervene in directing their efforts better. All net of a small (and alleged) test that, instead, concerns the carousels in the spin-off YouTube Music.

The first YouTube news, after the overview offered in November, concerns the new statistics for research made available to creators in the markets of the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and India (other markets should follow soon), thanks to a roll-out, to be completed by April. To use the new series of data, useful to better target your creative efforts and marketing strategies, just go to YouTube Studio for desktop and follow the path “Analytics”> “Search”.

Here the user will be able to see which topics are of most interest to his visitors, the traffic collected for each query by his channel (with an attached “Content Gap” evaluation, which highlights the queries that do not bring many matches), and the volume of totalized research. With this piece of data, Google’s hope is that the user can direct the creative energies to create content that is more in line with those queries “that are not currently served by the videos available in the app”.

Finally, perhaps to find out which are the most popular “How to” searches on the platform, there will also be the “YouTube searches” data series which, based on the various keywords given in the meal, will explain which are the most common searches .

With TikTok making automatic subtitles available in all of its clips, YouTube doesn’t want to lose ground in accessibility to its formidable rival. Ipso facto, CPO (chief product officer), Neal Mohan, of the Google platform has announced a new improvement step for subtitles with creators who, via the YouTube Studio app, will be able to outsource the creation and modification of subtitles, to increase readability and accuracy (given that the automatic ones, already present, especially in the case of some languages, lack precision).

To take advantage of this opportunity, just go to the “Authorizations” section and intervene on the “Subtitles Editor” option, in order to grant access to a third party who, precisely, will manage the subtitles for the video clips.

Moving on to the spin-off YTM, aka YouTube Music, the long road that has long been leading this platform to collect the legacy of Play Music by gradually enriching itself with new functions has taken a further step.

As reported by several users, perhaps in the name of an A / B test, given that the novelty is not visible to everyone, Google is implementing a small restyling of the carousels that populate the Home in the web based version. In particular, compared to the old operating mechanism, which placed arrows on the sides of the carousel to move forward or backward in horizontal scrolling, now they have moved to the top right where they appear in line with the new “Other” button (as from mobile side).


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