YouTube TV: here is the new interface for more engaging viewing

YouTube TV: here is the new interface for more engaging viewing

The announcement took place directly via the official blog: YouTube is working on changing the interface of YouTube TV to make content more engaging.

On a practical level, we are talking about a smaller area on the screen for playing videos, which will therefore be flanked by a column that will offer various additional information to the user. In this sense, we talk about data such as total views of the content, the number of I like, comments e description of the video.

In this sense, the column will adapt to the context, providing different data depending on what YouTube TV is showing. In the case of sport eventsfor example, statistics and results will be reproduced in real time, while for reviews some products may be provided with a codice QR for quick purchase.

YouTube, through its announcement, commented that this innovation will allow users to enjoy content “Without interrupting the viewing experience“.

The new YouTube TV interface will allow a “cleaner” view of content

Overall, the new design does not present itself as an epochal revolution. The big difference is the column no longer overlaps the video. As for the full screen playback, obviously still available, nothing will change. The update will gradually roll out to all YouTube TV subscribers over the next few weeks.

This implementation, aimed at improving the user experience, follows several initiatives by the platform to improve its service. Just a few months ago, for example, YouTube TV signed an important contract with the company Peloton, active in the fitness sector. A synergy much appreciated by those who love to keep fit.

In fact, despite some small bugs, the platform is gradually establishing itself as a very interesting solution in the context of streamingalso thanks to the enormous experience accumulated in the sector with the standard YouTube service.

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