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Zoom, new features with AI: what it’s about

Zoom it is one of the best-known platforms on the web for holding remote video conferences and meetings, for conversing through the messaging section and for collaborating via a whiteboard. Appreciated for its effectiveness, it is about to undergo changes that will make it even more performing. The company has announced some news and the introduction of new tools based on artificial intelligence.

What will be added are important features, which will totally change the user experience on Zoom, making it better and more satisfying. The goal is to ensure that the service remains highly intuitive, but with advanced functions and in step with the times.

Artificial intelligence on Zoom, the new tools

In particular, in the coming months on Zoom a new function will be inserted, inspired by ChatGPT. It’s about a chatbotbased on generative artificial intelligence, which will be a real assistant for users who decide to use the platform.

The chatbot, which takes the name of AI Companion, is based on the models of suppliers such as OpenAi, Meta and Anthropic, which have already had important experiences with tools of this type. It will be constantly updated, receiving more guidance, options and functionality over time, which will make it highly efficient in providing responses of any type to users.

People will be able to contact Ai Companion for get directions on how to carry out certain operations, to be updated on project statuses, for request transcripts of meetings or calls made with Zoom or to locate shared documents.

It’s still. You will be able to ask for a summary of the meetings, highlighting the most important moments, the activities to be performed and get feedback on how the meeting was carried out and advice on how to improve the conferences.

AI Companion, release times: the changes we will see

AI Companion is a complex tool, with numerous features, and its development required significant work. By spring 2024 the chatbot will receive updates and indications to be extremely functional and to be able to act in the user’s place in some activities.

The times required to assist in the implementation of the new tools are, in any case, short. Already from the next few weeks it will be possible to request a summary of the conversations that take place on Zoom Team Chat or the generation of images and the compilation of templates on Zoom Whiteboard.

To be able to use advanced features based on artificial intelligence you must be a Premium user and sign up for a subscription which starts at a cost of 139.90 euros per year per person and which can increase according to your needs.


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