Zuckerberg and Meta: the harsh accusations of some American senators

Mark Zuckerberg has already had a hearing in the past American Congress. In 2018, the creator of Facebook he presented himself before the senators and emerged with a strengthened image compared to the public. In a similar case, which occurred yesterday, the result was diametrically opposite.

Zuckerberg went before Congress for a delicate hearing, which lasted several hours, regarding the burning issue of child safety online. In addition to him, other representatives of large technology companies such as Linda Yaccarino (X/Twitter), Shou Chew (TikTok), Evan Spiegel (Snap) e Jason Lemon (Discord).

The senator Marsha Blackburnaddressing Zuckerberg, stated on Meta how “It appears to be trying to become the leading sex trafficking site in this country“. An accusation that the CEO defined bluntly as “Silly“. The senator Lindsey Graham he then took things further, stating how he was managing “A product that is killing people“.

The blow that knocked out Zuckerberg came from Josh Hawleycomplete with a standing ovation “There are families of victims here today. Did you apologize?” asked Hawley, interrupting Zuckerberg’s faltering attempts at self-defense. “Would you like to do it now? They are here, you are on national television, would you now like to apologize to the victims?“.

Mark Zuckerberg apologizes to the families of the victims

Sitting behind the group of CEOs were parents and family members of young people involved in tragedies in which Facebook and Instagram they are somehow involved. We talk about suicides, drug overdose and other similar news cases.

Zuckerberg finally apologized, stating: “It’s terrible. No one should have to go through the things your families have suffered and that is why we invest so much and will continue to engage industry-wide to make sure no one has to go through the things your families have had to go through“.

The CEO of Facebook, on the other hand, has always had some popularity “problems”. Apart from the brief parenthesis constituted by the challenge with Elon MuskIn fact, his figure has always been controversial to say the least.


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