The innovative US brand ZVOX has recently launched its new soundbar which, under the name of AV355, concentrates several proprietary technologies developed for audio rendering, including AccuVoice to enhance low-volume dialogues.
ZVOX introduces AV355, the soundbar with virtual subwoofer and surround ideal for dialogue

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Born in 2003, the American ZVOX is a company that, since 2014, has developed an interesting technology to make dialogues clearer, implementing it in headphones, speakers and soundbars: the latest product belongs to this last category, the AV355, launched by the Massachusetts-based company in Swampscott.

The new low-profile soundbar ZVOX AV355, already on sale on Walmart, Amazon USA and on the official store of the brand at a price of 199.99 dollars, has the classic parallelepiped shape, with dimensions (60 x 5.6 x 9 cm) that make it easily placed under, above, or on the sides of a TV: the black look, with the steel grille, cadenced in bronze, black and graphite tones, connotes an elegant product that will have no difficulty in fitting into any furniture, where it will also bring the benefit of practicality since, to control and install it, you can use the 4-digit display, hidden behind the grid, ready to show the current settings when needed, and then “disappear” when the interaction with the front panel ceases or the remote control.

Alternatively, you can also program the soundbar to work with the remote controls you already own. By instead connecting the ZVOX AV355 soundbar with an Amazon Echo series device, it will be possible (given the “Alexa Ready” certification) to obtain the benefits of voice commands forwarded to the Alexa digital concierge address. In terms of I / O interfaces, the ZVOX AV355 soundbar implements two inputs (analog on 3.5 mm jack and digital optical Toslink) and one output (analog, via 3.5 mm jack, if you want to use headphones or are deemed need to use an external subwoofer).

Inside, behind the aforementioned grille, operate three high-performance loudspeakers, chaired by neodymium magnets, with the bass being carried towards an extra boost by a technology that virtually simulates the contribution of a subwoofer. No less important are the proprietary PhaseCue technology, which – via virtual surround – obtains a three-dimensional sound that fully fills the room in which it was installed. and that of leveling of the output signal, which copes with the cases of sudden increase in volume typical of the transition from a film or program to an advertisement.

Above all, the ZVOX AV355 soundbar implements its flagship, namely the AccuVoice technology (scalable in 6 modes, derived from the acumetry studies on which the hearing aids are also based) which, separating the other sounds from the voices, reworks the latter so that the dialogues are perfectly intelligible even at low volumes.


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