AGCOM, approved new measures to combat piracy: sites blocked in 30 minutes

That of pirateria online it is a phenomenon that shows no signs of stopping, despite the measures applied year after year by the competent bodies. Today, less than a month after the start of the Serie A TIM 2023/2024there is an important update regarding theAGCOM and the fight against illegal bidding of live sports content (football and more).

AGCOM can now block pirate sites in 30 minutes

From a note released today (July 27, 2023), we learn that the amendments to the Online copyright regulation (Resolution n. 680/13/CONS) which will allow theCommunications Regulatory Authoritythrough dynamic injunctionsto block access to sites with pirated content in the first 30 minutes of transmission.

It is a new measure to try to give a turning point favorable to the fight against piracy. According to what we read in the press release, this will happen «blocking DNS resolution of domain names and routing of network traffic to IP addresses uniquely targeted for illicit activity».

Football piracy

The new provisions, unanimously approved by the AGCOM Council and in line with the provisions of Recommendation of the European Commission on the fight against online piracy (May 4, 2023), I am in full agreement with the law of July 14, 2023 concerning the illegal dissemination of copyright-protected content via electronic communications networks. Thanks to this law, the Guarantor obtains those powers that allow him to take action to stop all pirated broadcasts, not just sporting events.

Today is an important turning point in the long fight against piece. It is to be understood as a goal achieved for AGCOM, which aimed precisely at a modification of Resolution 680/13/CONS in order to provide more effective tools to combat piracy. The legislation was therefore approved and is translated in more severe measures and in more immediate intervention tools and, probably, more suitable for the purpose.


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