Cubbit DS3 Composer: Create your own cloud storage in minutes

Hundreds of leading companies as well as public administrations and European institutions have already chosen the cloud storage geo-distribuito proposed by the Europen Cubbit. Yes, because the solution Cubbit brings with it a high level of innovation, introducing an approach that maximizes security in data storage on the cloud.

Rather than using centralized data centers, Cubbit developed a geo-distributed scheme, redundant e resilient which allows customers, regardless of their size (from the single private user to the most complex enterprise environments), to save and manage data on the cloud with the certainty of always having backup copies available. Cryptographysplitting the data further fragmentsredundancy and geo-distributed approach help you sleep soundly.

Cubbit DS3 Composer platform: what it is and what it allows you to do

The geo-distributed resources made available by Cubbit allow, thanks to DS3 Composer, to set up your own cloud platform in a few minutes. The new solution is aimed at Cubbit partners ā€“ MSP (Managed Service Provider), Distributors and Reseller ITIT consultancy companies, System integrator ā€“ allowing us to offer customers a complete and fully customizable cloud experience, combining all the advantages ofon-premise and traditional cloud services while mitigating associated challenges: total cost of ownership (TCO), resilience, ransomware protection and control over the data.

DS3 Composer It can be configured and deployed very quickly, scaling smoothly from a few Terabytes to Petabytes of data storage based on business needs. The platform allows customers to build and grow their own cloud hyper-safe at a minimal cost, thanks to the model pay-as-you-go without requiring any initial investment.

Unlike the traditional cloud storageDS3 Composer uses the technology DS3 of Cubbit which eliminates the need to store data in a few centralized data centers. Files are encrypted, fragmented and replicated across multiple geographic locations within geo-delimited networks chosen by the user.

The geo-delimitation it is an important concept to meet the regulatory requirements of each country. Europen users, for example, are sure of keep the data in Europe, no longer making transfers to non-EU entities. The concept of digital sovereignty is therefore the guiding star of Cubbit which allows companies, also thanks to the new DS3 Composer, to satisfy all compliance requirements (including ISO 27001 e GDPR), while guaranteeing control over data and hyper-resilience against ransomware and disasters (cyber incidents that cause the loss of data stored locally in the company).

Cubbit strengthens relationships with partners

After the recent opening of the Partner Program, Cubbit therefore offers a new platform that offers features such as multitenancy granular, chargeback and billing, the ability to access data from public or private access points, and the option to enable data protection zero-trust.

Granular multitenancy refers to the platform’s ability to manage multiple users (i.e. multiple partner client companies) simultaneously, allowing you to share computing resources in a secure and isolated way. Resource sharing is controlled in a detailed and specific manner. The chargeback it is the process by which the costs of shared resources are assigned and charged to the users who actually use them.

Lā€™user interface modern and intuitive of DS3 Composer, facilitates the implementation of the solution, allowing you to orchestrate the creation of large-scale infrastructure. The components of DS3 Composer are zero-touchefficient and optimized to run on limited computing resources, making them perfect for environments hybrid e multi-cloud and edge deployments.

DS3 Composer is currently available to a select group of partners and customers across Europe, including Leonardo, one of the world’s largest players in aerospace, defense and security, with over ā‚¬13 billion in annual revenue. The product will be publicly available in early 2024.


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