Develop for ARM SoC: Microsoft provides assistance

Confirming the excitement around the ARM platform in the Windows environment, Microsoft presented the program Arm Advisory Service intended for developers. This is an initiative aimed at simplifying the application development modern devices intended for the ARM platform.

In recent days Qualcomm has revealed the arrival of the new Snapdragon X processors, intended for latest generation PCs based on ARM architecture capable of offering performance at the highest levels. If on the one hand, with his project Apple SiliconApple had at the time abandoned x86 processors to focus on ARM-derived SoCs developed in-house (even on the most recent Mac systems), something similar has never happened in Windows.

Con Arm Advisory ServiceMicrosoft demonstrates its interest in supporting the spread of devices based on Windows on ARMmost likely focused on the Snapdragon X SoCs which will see the light in 2024. The duo Wintel (Windows plus Intel) seemed and still seems indissoluble today, but Microsoft confirms its willingness to look for new partners and take new paths. The arrival of ARM in Windows has never worked until today, but the work done with Windows on ARM and the power of the Snapdragon X could make 2024 the year of the consecration of ARM Windows PCs. As often claimed in the past by Qualcomm itself.

Developing for ARM SoC: what is the Microsoft consultancy service

Mike Adams, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Customer Experience Engineering division, explains the goal of Arm Advisory Service is to help developers create apps optimized for the ARM platform. ARM SoCs are known to aid the operation of portable devices lightweight and compact, with fast connectivity, long battery life and advanced camera and audio features.

The consultancy service made available by Microsoft for build apps for ARM SoC it’s free. Bearing in mind what was described at the beginning, the Redmond company has in fact every interest in supporting the development of ecosystem active on Windows on ARM. According to the forecasts of CounterpointARM’s market share will nearly double from 14% to 25% by 2027. This highlights the importance for users to have access to compatible applications for Windows on ARM architecture.

Despite the widespread perception that it Windows app development Although ARM architecture is complex, Microsoft emphasizes that creating applications compatible with ARM SoCs is simpler than you think. The new service is aimed at providing assistance to developers precisely in this sense.

Adams added that Microsoft has been working with developers for over 3 years, sharing tips and best practices. The new service offers technical workshopstips on platform features, and assistance in fixing problems when creating apps for ARM systems for a much broader audience of programmers.

The note published by the company led by Satya Nadella contains some positive testimonials ISV (Independent Software Vendor) come Zscaler e Absolutewho have already benefited from Microsoft support in developing native applications for the ARM architecture.

The opening image is taken from the post published by Microsoft.


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