two whatsapp accounts on a phoneOn a dual-sim smartphone can you use two separate Whatsapp accounts?
The answer is no, because Whatsapp allows you to use only one account on each cell phone and no more, unless you use a trick a bit elaborate that allows you to use two or more accounts on Android smartphones, whether they are dual-sim or not.
There are two ways to make Whatsapp work with two accounts and two numbers on an Android phone, each with pros and cons to consider before doing everything.

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UPDATE 2016: Yes they can use two Whatsapp accounts for each app on the same phone with Parallel Space an app designed specifically to use two Whatsapp and other app accounts.

UPDATE 2018: A second Whatsapp account can be added to any phone using the Whatsapp Business app.

1) The first method requires the installation of an app called OG Whatsapp which is not present in the Google Play store.
This application is a modified version of Whatsapp, a bit like that Whatsapp Plus that we have recommended in another article not to download due to security problems.
However, having confidence in the developer and if there are no alternatives (because as we shall see the second method has an important requirement), then you can install OG Whatsapp which allows you to use two accounts on the same mobile phone.
OG Whatsapp download can be done from the developer’s website.

To use the two Whatsapp accounts on dual sim smartphones we must, therefore, do this:

  • Make a backup of Whatsapp from the application settings.
  • Go to Settings -> apps -> Whatsapp and press on Clear data.
  • Open ES File Manager or a similar app, go to the sd card folder and rename the WhatsApp folder in OGWhatsApp.
  • Uninstall Whatsapp from your phone.
  • Install OG Whatsapp
  • When OgWhatsapp asks for the mobile number, give the old number, the one that was configured in the official app first.
  • Install the original Whatsapp again and set another number to verify it.
  • Eventually, you will have OG Whatsapp with one number and Whatsapp with the other, two separate accounts on the same phone.

The second method, safer and easier, however, requires unlocking the Android phone with root and using an app that, this time, can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Switchme.
The steps to follow for configuring two Whatsapp accounts on the same phone are:

  • Install the Switchme app
  • Create the main user account on which Whatsapp will be visible
  • Create another account in Switchme and, in this which will be empty, install Whatsapp and check the second mobile number.
  • The second mobile number works on a Switchme profile while the first number on the main one.

You can easily switch between them with two touches, without problems.

In the end, using Whatsapp with two numbers if the mobile is dual sim operation is completely legitimate, which should be integrated into the main app itself.

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