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There is a substantial difference between software and any other good: it is not a product subject to wear and tear or being ruined by time, but keeps its potential intact. If you purchase an Office license previously owned – but not used – by others, you therefore have the same software available, without any compromise, and with full regularity of use. A specific ruling of the European Court (EC C-128/2011), in fact, safeguarded the regularity of the sale of disused licenses (often purchased in volume and then resold if unused in order to monetize the residual value): this is why purchasing software licenses on a platform like Licensel It turns out to be extremely convenient, but at the same time completely safe and reliable.

Whether you want to upgrade your suite Microsoft Office, whether you want to set up a Windows Server workstation, or whether you need to install an antivirus or a VPN, the catalog provides a wide range of offers. All you need to do is choose your product, appreciate the generous discount available and then take advantage of the reserved coupon “ILSOFTWARE10” to get a Additional 10% exclusive discount.

Windows Server packages via Licensel

Microsoft Office: Licensel discounts

The Microsoft Office suite is among the most desired of all. Useful for the start of the school year, for organizing a new office, for setting up a smart working station, for organizing an association or for animating a PC room for teaching: the problem, however, is the budget, because the the cost is high and subscription solutions only further increase the expense over time. This is why going through Licensel licenses means both saving money and enjoying greater freedom of choice, since the budget will no longer place limits on the expression of one’s potential:

  • Office Professional Plus 2016 a 23,90€
    with an additional -10% using the coupon code “ILSOFTWARE10”
  • Office Professional Plus 2019 a 29,90€
    with an additional -10% using the coupon code “ILSOFTWARE10”
  • Office Professional Plus 2021 a 39,90€
    with an additional -10% using the coupon code “ILSOFTWARE10”
  • Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business Mac a 89,90€ 49,90€
    with an additional -10% using the coupon code “ILSOFTWARE10”

Apply the coupon “ILSOFTWARE10” means further lowering the discount threshold compared to what is already available in the shop window, even going below thresholds that are already significantly reduced compared to the traditional level of spending.

Office packages via Licensel

Windows Server: Licensel discounts

Windows Server is the useful solution for those who need to manage PC networks in which a server must be configured for managing data, a database or shared services. Even in this case the most problematic limit is that of the budget, which in many cases does not allow you to set up what you have in mind, severely limiting your possibilities. Yet it is sufficient to purchase digital licenses through Licensel to circumvent the obstacle and give full expression to the potential of your idea:

  • Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2019 a 99,90€ 49,90€
    with an additional -10% using the coupon code “ILSOFTWARE10”
  • Windows Server Standard 2016 a 89,90€ 39,90€
    with an additional -10% using the coupon code “ILSOFTWARE10”
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard a 199,90€ 79,90€
    with an additional -10% using the coupon code “ILSOFTWARE10”
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Datacenter a 199,90€ 79,90€
    with an additional -10% using the coupon code “ILSOFTWARE10”
  • Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2019 a 299,90€ 129,90€
    with an additional -10% using the coupon code “ILSOFTWARE10”

Once again it’s the coupon “ILSOFTWARE10” to cut a further 10% of the price, thus lowering the initial price twice and giving a real opportunity to one’s studies, to one’s professional daily life and to the extension of the life cycle of one’s operational workstation.

Windows Server packages via Licensel

Choose, download, install, activate

Licensel is a Microsoft partner and offers maximum assistance in the post-purchase phase, 24/7, even on holidays. Focusing on assistance means putting the trust of your buyers at the centre, reassuring them about the quality of the operation so that the purchase of licenses can become the first step towards starting work on the product. Installation and activation are in fact the central elements of the experience and the direct consequence of the click that leads to the purchase and receipt of the license.

To install the software (Office, Windows or whatever) all you have to do is download the appropriate package from the official Microsoft website. Maximum security, therefore: the software is exactly the one distributed by the Redmond parent company, avoiding any risk of counterfeiting. After proceeding with the installation, all you have to do is activate the software itself using the license code, received via email immediately after purchase on Licensel.

I’m almost there already 2500 positive reviews on Trustpilot which testify to the quality of the purchasing experience on the marketplace for software licenses: the score reaches 4.9/5, which well demonstrates the quality of the products, assistance and service.

License su Trustpilot

Added to all this is the “Trusted Shops“, a symbol of trust that documents further reassurance towards buyers. The sticker is in fact granted only to the most reliable e-commerce sites and defines the creation of a real insurance service that covers every single purchase up to an amount of 2500 euros. Within this quota, any purchase that may encounter any problem is insured and eligible for a full refund.

On Licensel it is possible to find the various Office suites and the various versions of Windows, but not only: the entire Corel range, as well as well-known antiviruses and valid VPNs are available for immediate activation. The promise, moreover, is decidedly attractive: wide depth of catalogue, great discounts, maximum security and guaranteed assistance. All you have to do is choose, download, install. And activate.

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