Guide to access the Fastweb modem

How to access the configuration of a Fastweb modem (Fastgate) to customize the ADSL or Fiber connection

Fastweb modem Fastweb is one of the most important operators for those who want to get a fiber optic connection for their home. Fastweb offers new subscribers (but also old subscribers) the new NeXXt router, defined by the operator as “the fastest and most complete router supplied by a telephone company”.

For all new subscribers, therefore, it is possible to take advantage of the new modem to access the Internet, but accessing the configuration panel may not be as simple as expected. Find out in this guide how to access the new Fastweb modem and how to find all the main functions of the same, so that you can configure and customize the connection according to your needs.

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Features new modem


The design of this new modem is very simple, and all ports are easily accessible on the back of the device. The new modem is compatible with any type of connection offered by Fastweb to its users:

  • ADSL
  • Mixed copper fiber (FTTC)
  • Fibra pura (FTTH)

The other features of the new Fastweb modem are: support for Wi-Fi 6; optimization of the Wi-Fi signal; 4 Ethernet ports (including 2 WAN); 1 USB port; 2 “Telephone” ports for telephones, faxes; ability to connect up to 128 devices at the same time; firewall security system; Parental Control; energy consumption reduced to a minimum; automatic system for reporting breakdowns or loss of performance to technical assistance; ability to set connection priorities or provide more bandwidth to specific devices (such as consoles, Smart TVs or gaming PCs).

The most important news is the support forAlexa voice assistant, so as to have all the functions of the Amazon Echo directly inside the modem (by logging in with the Amazon account).

For some offers we find included with the modem the Booster, a small device capable of functioning as a Wi-Fi range extender and as an additional Alexa system, so as to be able to cover even the areas farthest from the modem (especially with large houses).

Access the new Fastweb modem from the PC

We have correctly installed the new Fastgate modem with all cables in place but we don’t know how to access the control panel? To proceed, all we have to do is open a web browser on one of the devices connected to the modem itself (via Ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi) and use one of the following addresses (to be typed in the top bar):

  • http://myfastgate

As you can see, the access addresses are quite different from those available on other types of routers, so you should immediately remember them or mark them as favorites in your web browser.

At the first access to the control panel, the modem will choose a username and a password for future accesses; choose this information carefully to see the login window appear (from now on only this will appear using the addresses indicated above).

Access the new Fastweb modem from the telephone

The Fastweb NeXXt modem can also be easily managed from a smartphone either by using the access address in the browser of any device connected to the modem itself or by using the app MyFastweb, downloadable for free for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

Through the app we can remotely control the modem settings, so as to turn off the Wi-Fi when we are not at home or change the access settings with a few simple taps on the smartphone screen.

The vast majority of options are also available when we are away from home, so we can check the settings of the new modem also remotely; some advanced options, however, are only available if we are connected to the modem’s Wi-Fi network.

How to access Alexa voice commands

If we want to use Alexa’s voice commands, all we have to do is access the MyFastweb app after connecting the phone to the Wi-Fi network of the modem and then go to the path NeXXT> Voice Assistant.
Voice assistant

If we only have the NeXXt modem (without Booster) we just have to press on Login With Amazon, enter the login credentials of the Amazon account that we want to use and confirm where necessary. If, on the other hand, we have the NeXXt modem and the Booster, the screen will show two buttons Log in with Amazon: we repeat the steps seen above for both devices, so as to be able to use the Alexa commands on both.

After the addition we will see Fastweb devices as Alexa speakers also inside theapp Amazon Alexa, available for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

If we don’t know which voice commands to use, we invite you to read our guides What Alexa can do: the most comfortable use of the voice assistant e Amazon Alexa: How to create routines and new voice commands.


The new Fastweb NeXXt modem is definitely a step forward in terms of design and functionality compared to the Fastgate, thus allowing all subscribers (old and new) to be able to count on better Wi-Fi coverage (also thanks to Wi-Fi 6 ) And enjoy the benefits of Amazon Alexa, since in fact the modem works like a real Amazon Echo, complete with keys dedicated to the volume, the mute of the microphone or the performance of certain actions.

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