PC without operating system While the operating system is included on most computers, there are still some on the market computer without systemwhich allow you to save something on the final price but which leave the user with the task of installing the system he prefers.

In the following guide we will show you how to install Operating System on new PC and especially, how to recover the correct drivers to make all the components installed on the computer without an operating system work correctly.

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1) Obtain new Windows license

Installing the operating system on a new computer is a really simple operation today, the only problem you can have with a new PC is related to Windows licensewhich you should buy separately (and isn’t cheap).

Before proceeding we strongly advise you to recover any old Windows license present on other computers: if the license is compatible with the new PC we will be able to use it immediately without having to buy a new one, thus saving a lot of money.

To recover the Windows license from an old computer we recommend reading the guides on how to retrieve Windows Product Key for validation come on how to deactivate Windows on the old PC to activate the license on the new one.

If we have a digital license it is even simpler, given that the license is linked to the Microsoft account and, by logging in on the new PC, it is possible to immediately redeem the license (if compatible). On this topic we can read our guide on how to activate Windows 10/11 with digital license.

2) Install Windows on PC

Installing Windows on a computer without a system is ultimately simpler than expected: all we have to do is download the ISO files of the system we want to install (Windows 11 o Windows 10) and use a program like Rufus to create the USB stick with the operating system inside. We then start the PC without the operating system by first connecting the USB stick used, changing the boot order and following the wizard to complete the initial Windows setup.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to install windows 11 without a microsoft account come on how many computers can i install windows.

3) Install the correct drivers

Windows 11 and Windows 10 have a series of basic drivers that allow you to immediately make the PC ready for use: unfortunately these drivers are very slow and do not allow you to use the PC well, not to mention that many internal components will not have drivers at first startup (as can be seen by right-clicking on the Start menu and viewing the menu Device management).

To remedy this we advise you first of all to launch a Windows updatecapable of downloading new drivers for devices without them and installing new versions of existing drivers.

If the update did not have the desired effect we can always search for the drivers of the specific PC model on Google or, even better, automatically install missing drivers and updated drivers using a program like Driver Boosterwhich we also talked about in the guide above How to update Windows PC drivers automatically.


By following the guide we will be able, in a few minutes, to install an operating system on a new PC and immediately start using it to study, work or do anything else on the PC.

Obviously nothing prevents you from installing one as an operating system instead of Windows Linux distributionwhich is completely free, as also seen in the guide on how how to try Linux.

For further information we can also read our article things to do after installing Windows 11.


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