iOS 17 slow: few iPhone users have downloaded the update

Apple recently released iOS 17.0.3 to solve the overheating problems of the iPhone 15 Pro. All in all, a fix that arrived quickly after the flood of reports seen in recent weeks. The debut of Apple’s latest top-of-the-range smartphones was not the best also due to this hitch; but also pay attention to the operating system itself, iOS 17, whose distribution seems to be proceeding very slowly. What is happening among users?

iOS 17 is slow: what’s happening?

The latest analyzes conducted by Cult of Mac speak clearly: only 23% of compatible iPhones uses one of the four versions of iOS 17, with 12.13% still stuck at version 17.0.2 waiting for the update to 17.0.3. 45% of users remain on iOS 16.6.1 and iOS 16.7, with the first version of the two mentioned being the most widespread in the world at the beginning of October 2023.

The trend compared to previous years appears to be that of very slow adoption: in 2023, 18 days after the release of iOS 16, it had already reached 29% of compatible devices, while after four months the percentage exceeded the 70% threshold. In 2018, however, after two months, 70% of eligible iPhones were using iOS 12.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Furthermore, it will certainly contribute to the spread of iOS 17 the purchase of the new iPhone 15, rather than actually updating the operating system in Apple phones belonging to previous generations. The cause of this particularly slow adoption? Most likely, these are the first months in which several users are waiting for the implementation of the usual fixes for the bugs that appear at launch, after the limited beta tests. In short, in all likelihood it is only a matter of time until iOS 17 reaches much more iPhones.

Source: Cultofmac


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