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iPhone 15, Apple’s response to the high temperatures detected

After reports from many users who have encountered rather high temperatures on theirs iPhone 15 Pro e iPhone 15 Pro Max, the ball passes to Apple which, in a recent statement, confirmed the matter.

At the moment, therefore, the Cupertino company is working to resolve the problem as soon as possible and release a patch iOS 17 updatewhich should arrive in the next few days.

Meanwhile, many users continue to encounter the same problem, potentially putting their very expensive iPhones at risk.

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, the reason for overheating

The first information on iPhone 15 overheating they date back to a few days ago when several users encountered anomalous temperatures while the device was charging.

According to some, however, the problem occurred during calls rather long (more than 10 minutes) while, for others, overheating occurred during the use of “demanding” applicationssuch as those games that require a lot of hardware resources.

The company, until today, had not said anything about it but in the last few hours, with a note on the official website, Apple confirmed that it was aware of the problem, which would derive from some third-party applications which would conflict with the chip A17 Pro.

The applications in question would be Instagram, Uber and the racing game Asphalt 9. At the same time, the Cupertino giant also confirmed that it is working with the developers of these apps to get to the bottom of the problem and release a fix patch as soon as possible.

Users, therefore, can breathe a sigh of relief, especially after the famous analyst in recent days Ming-Chi Kuo he had surmised heat dissipation problems which, in fact, Apple could only have solved limiting processor power.

Clearly, it is the Cupertino company itself that has denied these hypotheses, confirming on several occasions that the next update will solve the overheating problem without limiting the performance of the devices in any way.

iPhone 15 overheating, how to fix the problem

If indeed Apple will release the fix patch iOS 17 within a few days, users will just have to be patient and, as soon as it is available, proceed immediately with the operating system update.

Likewise it may be useful to try to limit the use of the three applications incriminated, especially when the device is charging. A rather obvious solution which, however, could save the life of your iPhone 15.

Despite these reassurances, however, doubts remain, above all because the problem it did not affect all iPhone 15s but only some devices.

Furthermore, some of the reports reported have not even mentioned the three applications mentioned above, so That might not be the only problem.

At the moment all that remains is to wait for the update to arrive, only then will iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max owners be able to know if their smartphone has returned to “normal” or if there is more to the high temperatures than a simple bug in the software.

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