Mijia Front-loading Washing Machine: Xiaomi’s new smart washing machine is official

Thanks to the partner Mijia, Xiaomi has been able to insert in its price list, for now in the domestic market, a new product for home automation, represented by the Mijia Front-loading Washing Machine smart washing machine that can also be managed remotely via the Xiaomi Home app.
Mijia Front-loading Washing Machine: Xiaomi's new smart washing machine is official

Very often, in expanding its list of smart products for home automation, Xiaomi makes use of the collaboration of brand partners such as Mijia, thanks to which, in fact, in the past few hours, the big X has launched the new Mijia Front-loading Washing machine Machine.

The latter, characterized by a front loading mechanism and a load capacity of 10 kg, priced at 1,479 yuan (approximately 210 euros) now has an anti-bacterial treatment on the door: technically, it belongs to the category of washing machines with Direct Drive (DD) motor which, compared to the usual ones with belt transmission, is more efficient and precise in the transmission, so as to ensure even more delicate washing, but also more silent, so much so that the product in question is credited with a noise of just 50 decibels, even lower than the 60 decibels found on a common road.

In addition to the motor in question, the Mijia Front-loading Washing Machine smart washing machine has an algorithm and intelligent chips, which also allow careful management of the water, avoiding waste, so that the washing machine can operate with a minimum amount of the same. Moving from attention to the environment to that of health, there is high temperature sterilization (95 ° C) capable of killing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, allergens and germs.

Smartly speaking, the Mijia Front-loading Washing Machine, also guaranteed for the respectful treatment of wool (according to a Chinese national certification, preserves the softness of wool after washing and, in addition, “restores its natural softness”), boasts 23 washing programs, with the control panel in the presence that allows you to set 16, while the remaining 7 are adjusted, connected the washing machine to Wi-Fi, via the Xiaomi Home app.

Also from this app, it is also possible to program the washing, so that it comes to an end when we return home, or to be able to remotely follow the various phases, also being able to set various parameters depending on the fabrics to be treated. In addition, it is possible to connect the washing machine in question with the XiaoAi smart speakers at home, so that – at the end of the washing cycle – the washing machine alerts the user by playing music or with a voice memo.


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