Oracle database services on Microsoft Azure: historic announcement from the two companies

When it was already night in Europe, Satya Nadellapresident and CEO of Microsoft, e Larry Ellisonfounder, president and Chief Technology Officer of Oracle met to make a historic joint announcement: i servizi database Oracle become available and directly accessible through the Azure platform.

The historian agreement between Microsoft and Oracle gives Azure customers the opportunity to benefit from all the advantages in terms of performance, scalability and availability Oracle Database also on the Redmond company’s cloud platform.

This is a real milestone that seeks to optimize theintegration between applications already hosted on Microsoft Azure and Oracle Database services, which now become fully manageable within a single data center.

Il increasing volume of data present in today’s companies translates into great opportunities to obtain valuable information in order to improve products, services and workflows. Azure offers tools that make extensive use of the solutions artificial intelligence and which can be trained using company data.

According to the most recent analyzes carried out by Gartneril database market grew by 14.4% and is expected to exceed $100 billion by the end of 2023. The main growth driver is the “database as a service” (DaaS) on the cloud. Therefore, Oracle Database offers the most suitable, versatile and flexible platform to assist the activities of analytics e machine learning (machine learning) carried out in-cloud.

Microsoft is the only other hyperscaler – besides Oracle – to offer database services on Oracle cloud infrastructure

With the agreement announced yesterday, Microsoft simplifies cloud migration, multicloud implementation and corporate data management by implementing, directly on its Azure platformOracle database solutions.

In detail the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is already deployed in Microsoft Azure data centers and is immediately exploitable by the entire customer base.

With the introduction of Oracle Database@Azure, Oracle and Microsoft help customers accelerate their migration to the cloud, so they can modernize their IT environments and take advantage of Azure infrastructure, tools and services. Among the advantages for end users are the following:

  • More options for moving Oracle databases to the cloud.
  • Highest level of performance, scalability and availability of Oracle databases, with the same features and prices.
  • Simplicity, security and latency benefits thanks to a single operating environment (data center) within Azure.
  • Ability to create new applications cloud native using OCI and Azure technologies, including cutting-edge Azure AI services.
  • Guarantee of an architecture tested and supported by two of the most trusted brands in the cloud.

Multicloud already in the hands of customers

The new service announced by Microsoft and Oracle offers a fully integrated experience for deploying, managing and using Oracle database instances within Azure.

The objective is evidently to remove any “friction” in the use of solutions multicloud enabling enterprises to make strides in the cloud, using existing skills to leverage the best of Oracle and Microsoft capabilities directly within the Azure portal.

Customers of the two companies can now choose to implement their own Azure services possibly also making use of support for services Oracle Exadata Database, Oracle Autonomous Database e Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).

Oracle and Microsoft have also developed a model of joint support to provide rapid responses and resolutions for workloads mission-critical.

The purchasing and contracting process has also been simplified: users can purchase Oracle Database@Azure through Azure Marketplace, leveraging existing Azure contracts. They can also use the benefits of licenze Oracle Database existing, including Bring Your Own License and the program Oracle Support Rewards.

An integration that intends to unlock all the potential deriving from artificial intelligence

The value of company data remains undisputed but the ultimate goal of Microsoft and Oracle is to extract information from those precious volumes. This is clearly evident, for example, from Nadella’s words: “We have a real opportunity to help organizations bring their mission-critical applications to the cloud, so they can transform every part of their business with the next generation of AI“, which continues: “Our expanded partnership with Oracle will make Microsoft Azure the only other cloud provider to make Oracle database services available and help our customers usher in a new wave of cloud-powered innovation“.

Ellison echoes this by explaining that “most customers already use multiple cloud platforms. Microsoft and Oracle have worked together to make it easier for customers to connect Azure services with the latest Oracle Database technology. By placing Oracle Exadata hardware systems in Azure data centers, customers will experience the best possible database and networking performance. We are proud to partner with Microsoft to bring this unmatched capability to customers“.


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