Receive notifications and Facebook messages via email or on PC

Facebook notifications
Facebook is still one of the most used social networks, despite the competition being very fierce. For many people it is a point of reference, to the point of always wanting to read all the notifications and messages we receive on the social platform. But how to immediately receive notifications of new messages or new posts arrived on our profile?In the following guide we will show you how to receive notifications and Facebook messages via email or on the desktop, taking advantage of the functions integrated in modern browsers or enabling the notification system via e-mail messages. By activating the notifications we can also disable the notifications on the phone or put it in silent when we are at the PC, so as to avoid double notifications.

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Enable notifications from the web browser

The method that I recommend everyone to try right away is to take advantage of the notifications function of modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (basato su Chromium).

To enable Facebook notifications on Google Chrome, we open the social site, log in with our account and, when requested, press the button at the top Consented in the notification window.
Chrome notifications

From now on we will receive Facebook notifications while we use the Google browser, so as not to miss a single news from the social network. If in the past we have disabled notifications or blocked the request, we can reactivate Facebook notifications by pressing the padlock at the top (to the right of the address bar) and reactivate the switch next to the item Notifications or we press on Reset the authorization to bring up the request window again.

If we use Microsoft Edge, the procedure for receiving Facebook notifications is very similar: we open the Microsoft browser, go to the Facebook site, log in and press on Consented in the window that we will see appear at the top right.
Edge notifications

If we do not see the window appear or we have blocked it in the past, press the padlock icon at the top (always next to the address bar), open the drop-down menu next to the Notifications item and select Ask The Consented.

Install the Facebook app on Windows

As an alternative to browsers we can also install theFacebook app for PC, available as a free download for Windows 11 and Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store.
Facebook app

After installing the app, look for it in the Start menu, log in and leave it in the foreground or minimized, so you can receive all the social notifications without having to leave the browser open just to receive notifications.

If we are interested in messages from friends on Facebook we suggest you also install the Messenger app, so that you can chat with friends and receive notifications of their messages without a browser.

Enable email notifications

Those who use email a lot or can only receive emails on the company PC can consider activating email notifications, to be activated for Facebook activities that we always want to be notified of. To activate Facebook email notifications, let’s go to the notification management page, log in with the account (if necessary), choose the type of activity we want to receive notifications, press on it and activate the switch next to it to the item E-mail.
Email notifications

We do not know which inbox the notifications will arrive as soon as they are activated? Usually it is the same email used for access but we can always check by going to the Facebook Settings menu, opening the screen General and checking the email address in the item contact info.

To add a new email address, click on the item Edit next to the email address in use and click on Add another email address or mobile number to add a new email on which to receive notifications.


With the methods seen above we will be able receive notifications and Facebook messages via email or on the desktop without having to install strange programs or programs of dubious origin, keeping the Facebook account safe from threats. To receive notifications immediately, just configure the notifications via browser, use the official Facebook app or send notifications via email, so that you can be informed of what is happening on our account from any PC (including a company).

In another guide we have seen how create Facebook events and invite friends. If we are concerned that our account may be hacked we can avoid any problems activating the double password on Facebook, so that you have to enter an additional code to access our account.


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