scrcpy: the Android mirroring app is renewed

It seems like an almost unpronounceable acronym. Actually scrcpy it is read screen copyof which it is also an abbreviation. scrcpy is an application that allows the mirroring on Android that is, it opens the door to the possibility of duplicating the screen of a mobile device on a Windows, macOS or Linux PC.

We have already seen how to control Android from PC with scrcpyan application that leverages the well-known utility ADB (Android Debug Bridge) which allows you to communicate with an Android device via a computer. The ADB application is part of the Android software development kit (SDK) and is primarily used by developers for debugging, testing, and application development.

The main new features of scrcpy

At the beginning of November 2023 it was released and published on GitHub scrcpy 2.2, new version of the Android mirroring application that integrates numerous new features. The main prerogative of scrcpy is that it does not require rooting the device to work.

The new version of scrcpy it supports resolutions equal to or greater than 1920×1080 pixels, from 30 to 120 frames per second depending on the device, low latency (35-70 ms) and ensures an extremely short startup time: it takes just a second to receive the first image from the connected Android smartphone.

Free software e open sourcestarting from the second version scrcpy allows theaudio forwarding from mobile device to PC (from Android 11 onwards). You can also mirror with it too screen offuse the copy paste in both directions, configure the Android device as a webcam and enable OTG mode if the mouse and/or keyboard are physically connected to the device.

By starting the program with the syntax scrcpy --record=file.mkv it’s even possible record Android screens on PC in the form of MKV format files.

How to mirror Android camera to PC

Il camera mirroring of the smartphone, the rear one or the front one, can be activated using a syntax similar to the following:

scrcpy --video-source=camera --camera-facing=front --camera-size=1920x1080

Specific options, all listed in the documentation, allow you to indicate a series of additional parameters for the acquisition of video stream while for theaudio you can set the microphone as the source using the syntax --audio-source=mic.

Of course, the experience of use and the results of using scrcpy may vary based on the Android mobile devices you are using, but in general the application offers an interesting opportunity for those looking for a portable software for mirroring that does not require installing any additional components on your smartphone.


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