Sites to buy clothes and shoes with free shipping and returns

What are the best online shopping sites where you can buy clothes, shoes, accessories and clothing with free shipping and free returns.

Clothes online
Buying clothes and shoes online on a website is really very convenient, both to not receive the products without moving from home, and to find sizes and models not available in stores near home, and, above all, to compare prices for the same garment. of clothing on various online stores.
The problem of online shopping clothing is only that of the shipment, which must be free not only in the delivery and to receive the product, but also for the return, in case the shoe size or size has been wrong and even if, simply, you don’t like the dress because it was thought to be better or different. Free returns are a fundamental and necessary condition for an online clothing store, but it is a pity that this is not always the case.In this guide we will show you the most famous sites that sell clothes online and the best serious and reliable clothes shops on the internet. We preferred the sites they offer free shipping and delivery and especially, return free and without charge.

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Things to know before buying

First of all, consider that as a rule the right of withdrawal and return of products is always guaranteed and free if the return is made within at least 14 days of receiving the shipment (for some there is even more time). Obviously the clothes, shoes or any product to be returned must not have been washed or used, must keep the original labels and packaging. When the site accepts the free return and also reimburses the shipping costs, you must always follow its instructions which usually require you to print a label and send with the indicated courier (which can be SDA Poste Italiane or Bartolini in some cases).

By free returns, we don’t just mean it is fully refunded the price of the returned product, but also that the return shipping costs: in fact, make sure that the return costs are not charged to the buyer. A clothing and shoe shop that does not exchange the product for free, especially if we cannot try it on and cannot verify the size, is absolutely to be avoided.

1) Amazon Fashion

Amazon Fashion is the best online store in the world and also in Italy it offers very advantageous sales conditions for customers. When a product is sold and shipped by Amazon, shipping is free above 30 Euros and is always free for customers Amazon prime.

Returns are always free returning the product within 30 days. There is also the possibility to have the package picked up at home or to take it to the post office without spending anything.
The problem can arise if the dress or shoes are sold not directly from Amazon but from an external shop: in these cases, shipping is free unless otherwise specified on the product page. As for the return of these non-Amazon products, the shipment is charged to the customer, but you can request a refund of the shipment (using the express parcel of the Post Office at 10 Euros for example). If a store misses this refund, they can do the claim with Amazon.

2) Zalando

Zalando is the largest online clothing store in Europe and one of the most well-stocked as well as offering free shipping and returns. On Zalando we really find many brands for every size and for every style, with the possibility of trying at home and choosing what to keep and what to return. By correctly applying the return policies we will get back the sum spent in full, without fear of anything.

The product return policy on Zalando provides a very long window of time (probably the highest present on clothing stores): as indicated in the official guide we have 100 days to decide whether to keep the product or return it.

3) Spartoo

Spartoo is a large online shopping site similar to Zalando, great for finding shoes of all brands at great prices, bags, accessories, hats and clothes for men, women and children. Spartoo has no delivery costs for orders over 25 Euros e accepts product returns if shipped within 30 days of delivery.

Shipping costs are paid by Spartoo, so this is one of the best sites to buy without worries and without paying for any exchanges or returns; we just have to pay attention to the products of the partners, where the return policies are different from those of Spartoo.

4) Sarenza

Sarenza is one of the largest shoe sites, one of the best ever in Italy and Europe on women’s and men’s footwear, without forgetting shoes for children.

On this site the costs of delivery and shipping of the return are always free and paid by Sarenza e we have up to 100 days to choose to return. If the shoes don’t fit or we don’t like them live, just start the return procedure, pack everything and deliver the package to an Italian Post Office, using a special label issued by the Sarenza website.

5) Asos

Asos is an online store of men’s and women’s fashion clothing among the best ever and very popular and reliable, with frequent prices and discounts and unique offers for loyal users of the site. Depending on when we make the return, the type of refund issued will also change, so as to receive both the money back (on the chosen payment method) and a gift voucher (to be spent on the site).

Asos ships for free at home for orders over 25 Euros and above all, as it is written in the conditions of sale, the return is free via Poste Italiane. If we return an order within 28 days from delivery, we will receive a full refund for returned items; if instead we return an order between 29 and 45 days from the delivery of the order, a Gift Voucher linked to our account will be issued.

6) Bonprix

Another very interesting site for clothes, accessories, underwear and shoes is Bonprix, which offers free shipping if you spend at least 65 Euros in an order. The return is also fully refunded, including shipping costs, even if this type of service is referred to as “Promotion” on the site’s terms of sale.

As indicated in the return conditions we can return any product within 60 days, an extremely long period of time to choose whether to keep the product or return it for free.

7) GasJeans

The GasJeans online store only sells Gas products, so it can become a reference point for all those who appreciate this brand and want to have every item of clothing associated with Gas.

The site ships for free and takes care of the return costs, with a completely free return on all orders. We can return the products within 14 working days; these working days will begin to be calculated on the basis of proof of delivery.

8) Yoox

Yoox is a famous Italian online shopping site, among the best sites such as Zalando for clothing and fashion for men, women and children that often offers heavy discounts, has free shipping costs if you accept standard delivery to UPS collection points.

Excellent possibility of having a refund of the free return, without return costs if you follow the instructions of Yoox, using the prepaid label and UPS or BRT courier. With Yoox we can return the product within 100 days from the delivery date, so you can choose and try calmly.

9) Privileges

Privalia is an online clothing outlet Privalia has shipping costs that depend on the type of order placed and which are free only if you pay for a premium account. The return costs, however, are always free.

The site is now an integrated part of Veepee, another great site for the retail sale of fashion items, which can be accessed with a Privalia account (for those who were already registered) or via an already configured Facebook account.

10) Superdry

Superdry is an international site that ships all over the world, delivers products purchased in Italy for free and, surprisingly, also has free return charges if you follow their return instructions.

With this site we can return the goods within 28 days of delivery, a reasonable period of time to be able to try the products received directly at home.

11) Zara

Zara is a physical store that also sells online at very attractive prices. This site is among the best for clothing shopping, as it does not charge home shipping costs for orders over € 50 and offers free returns, including return costs (see Zara conditions for confirmation).

With Zara we can return within 30 days from the date of shipment, definitely a shorter time than the competition but enough to try and send back in case of problems.

12) Reasons

Motivi is an online store of the clothing companies with the Motif brand, well stocked and great for buying clothing products on offer. With Motivi we will have free shipping only in the case of orders over 90 Euros, the return is free and the return costs are also reimbursed.

It is currently one of the sites that offers the standard return within 14 days from the date of shipment, definitely a low value compared to the competition (which goes for 60 or 100 days in most cases).

13) LaRedoute

LaRedoute is a very famous and used online store in Italy, it ships free for orders over 29 Euros. The return is free but the shipping costs are refunded in full, just start the return procedure through post offices (similar to when seen on Zalando or other sites).

On this site we have 50 days to return the product, a reasonable amount of time to calmly choose what to keep and what to return at the end of the tests carried out with the clothes purchased.

14) Guess

Another famous brand that sells online on its store is Guess, which supplies clothing and accessories for women, men and children. By purchasing from Guess we will have the possibility to make the complete return, so as to get back the money for garments of the wrong size or that do not convince us live.

On the Guess website we can return the products within 30 days, using the label of the Italian Post Office and going to a post office to complete the return procedure.


All the sites shown in the guide offer free shipping and returns and are therefore the best way to shopping online safely. Most sites offer a return time of more than 30 days (often even 100 days), but it is important to check that there is enough time to try everything and that the refund in case of return is full.
As a final note, I would like to point out that the conditions of sale, shipping and returns for the sites indicated above may still change compared to when I checked, so always better take a look at them before buying. As a rule, We are always wary of any site that does not have a clear and transparent return policy.

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