Best sites and programs to listen to online radio, including Italian broadcasters on your computer, streaming via the internet

Radio online free Despite the arrival of streaming services for listening to music, the radio is still one of the most used ways to listen to music when you are in the car or at home, given that it is free, easy to access and often presents also radio programs of various kinds that accompany the broadcast of musical pieces, and which can therefore entertain at 360 degrees.

In this guide we will discover the methods for listen to radio online for free using an Internet connection; we will provide you with the links to listen to the most famous web radios via browser, the programs to install on Windows dedicated to listening to the radio and the best apps for listening to online radio available for Android and iOS.

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1) Link to listen to free online radio

To listen to the radio online it is not necessary to install anything, we can only use the Web radios provided by practically any national radio broadcaster. If we have a radio that we particularly like, just search for it on Google and check on the web page if there is a player for online radio, completely identical to the radio broadcast on FM.

In some cases it is possible to find additional radio stations for the same broadcaster, with some exclusive ones reserved for Web users (thematic radio stations, radio stations that broadcast songs of a single genre or by a single group/singer, etc.) or podcasts, where it is possible to listen again the programs already broadcast and which we were unable to listen to live.

Below we have collected all the link to listen to national Italian online radiosfree, with the main radio stations:

  • RTL 102.5
  • Radio 105
  • Radio Deejay
  • Radio Italy
  • Virgin Radio
  • Radio Kiss Kiss
  • Radio24
  • Radio Monte Carlo
  • R101
  • M2O
  • RaiPlay Sound
  • RDS

All links lead where possible to direct reproduction of the radio as broadcast on FM frequencies; in some cases (such as Radio 105) it will be possible to choose both live broadcast and one of the many thematic radio stations available (such as the 105 Hits channel which broadcasts non-stop music without hosts).

A complete and free site where you can listen to online radio (including amateur) is Shoutcast radioalso supported by several Most popular audio players.

Another site where you can listen to free online radio is, one of the best sources to immediately find your favorite radio and play it directly within the browser; alternatively we can use Listen to Radioto listen to all the most famous Italian radios.

2) Browser extensions for online radio

The best extension to listen to the radio on Google Chrome is Radio.

If instead we look for the extension for Mozilla Firefox to listen to music, we can find it here -> TuneYou Radio.

3) Use VLC to listen to online radio

One of the best programs to listen to online radio from PC is without a doubt VLCthe famous multimedia player capable of reproducing streaming streams uninterruptedly.

To listen to the radio we open VLC on our computer, press CTRL+N on the keyboard to open the URL stream entry screen and retrieve the link of the radio to play from dedicated site to Italian radio streaming, regularly updated by the author; to facilitate the search for our favorite radio we can also press CTRL+F on the browser and type the name of the radio to play.

After entering the link, press on below Play it to start the online radio that we want to listen to at that precise moment (completely identical to the radio broadcast on FM frequencies).

4) Listen to free online radio on PC

The best software that we can install on Windows to listen to online radio is Radio Sure. To use it, download the installer and start it; at the end of the installation we open the program, interrupt any radio playback that will start and, to immediately find the Italian radios, right click on the column Language and we select Italian. We will thus be able to select over 900 Italian radios, including many local and regional radios.

Screamer Radio is another free program with thousands of radio stations organized by genre and country. Through this very light program you can listen to all or almost all Italian radio stations on a computer connected to the internet. Screamer radio does nothing but aggregate all the links of the radios of each country and also gives the possibility to add new links for new radios and to record music from the radio directly at 128 Kbps, automatically saving it in an MP3 file.

5) Listen to free online radio on your smartphone or tablet

It is also possible to listen to the radio from the telephone and it is not necessary for the radio antenna to be present among the components (an increasingly rare feature).

Tune in Radio

If we want to listen to all Italian radios while using a smartphone and tablet with any operating system, just use the app Tune in Radioavailable for free download for Android e iPhone.

With this app we will be able to listen to any Italian and international radio even on devices without an FM antenna, given that it is possible to connect to online radios using the WiFi connection or data connection.
The app allows you to save your favorite radio stations, create playlists with the songs or radio broadcasts, pause to resume where you left off and increase buffering for smoother playback (very useful when the LTE signal is poor or we go under a tunnel).


You can listen to MyTuner radio from website for listening in streaming from PC, and then also from apps for Android and for iPhonewith all the stations in the world available, including Italian ones, including podcasts.

The best part of this website is the charts section, i.e. the rankings of the most listened to songs on the radio in Italy or in other countries around the world. There are charts for different musical genres, with today’s top 10 or the current top 40.

Simple Radio

Another app that you can use to listen to free online radio on mobile devices is Simple Radio, available for download from here -> Simple Radio (Android) e Simple Radio (iOS).

With this application we will be able to conveniently choose which radio to listen to among the national and international broadcasters (over 45 thousand stations), save our favorite stations and view the information transmitted by the radio itself relating to the songs or the broadcast in progress (not for all radios, it is a feature that must be supported by the broadcaster).

RaiPlay Sound

RaiPlay Sound which is also accessible from the app for Android e iPhoneallows you to listen in streaming Radio Rai 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio Tutta italiana, Radio Classica, Radio Techetè, Radio Live, Radio Kids, Isoradio and Parliament. On the site you can see the schedule of all the various radios, to find out the times and days of each program. The nice thing about the Schedule is that all the broadcasts of the previous hours and days are available listen or listen again streamed from the recording.

The site, therefore, not only allows you to listen to the radio live, but also to choose the episode you want, if it has already been broadcast. Another way to listen to your favorite radio programs is by going from the button at the top left of the home page to the programs section listed in alphabetical order.

More radio apps

Other radio apps that we can freely download on our phone are:

  • Radio Deejay: the famous Italian radio available for iPhone e Android.
  • Radio player: app with collection of world radios (including Italian) available for Android e iPhone.
  • Radioline: great app just for Android dedicated to radio and podcasts.
  • Open Radio: free radio app available for Android.

For further information we can read the guide on best apps to listen to FM Radio and music streaming on Android and iPhone.


Even though it may seem like an old 80s geek habit Online radio can provide pleasant background music while we work on the PC or while we study, without having to bother with traditional streaming apps (where we have to personally choose what to play or where to start the “radio-like” random playback).

To learn more we can read our guides for search on which radio station a song is broadcast and discover the personalized radio sites with non-stop music.


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