The ghost’s social platform returns to social shopping after the news announced at the Summit Partner 2022, through the introduction of the eBay sticker and a collaboration with Poshmark.
Snapchat, off to social shopping: the Poshmark Mini and the eBay sticker are official

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Snapchat, CEO Evan Spiegel’s photo-sharing platform known for its ephemeral content and many AR filters, has announced two new initiatives regarding social shopping, without neglecting the development of novelties that are still unpublished but still uncovered by leakers.

The first Snapchat novelty of this week’s start concerns the involvement of Poshmark, a giant in the sale of clothing, vintage decorations and jewels, collaborating with which he created Poshmark Mini, a lightweight mini-app, in HTML, placed like all the other Snap Mini in the Snapchat chat section. Thanks to the new Mini app in question, users will be able to consult the catalog of the more than 200 million products for sale on Poshmark, get an idea of ​​which brands are intending and, during the Posh Party, interact in real time with other buyers. perhaps to share “the thrill of the Poshmark treasure hunt”.

The second big news communicated by Snapchat instead involves no less than eBay, where every day over 142 million people from all over the world buy everything, from vintage bags to shoes: the nature of the collaboration is substantiated in the fact that, seeing an ad on eBay , perhaps because you are interested, or because you are the seller of the relevant advertisement (thus obtaining some free advertising, albeit limited to your connections), it will be possible to share it through your Snap, or with Snap Stories, in the place, Snapchat, where you they are having conversations with true friends.

To take advantage of this novelty, just select any listing in the eBay app and tap the Share icon first and then the Snapchat option. At that point, the photo-sharing camera will open and it will be possible to create your own content with the ad that will appear as a sticker, then editable according to the usual creative tools of the Snapchat camera. Once the Snap has been shared with the advertisement, directly to friends or as a Story, the recipient of the content, by touching the eBay sticker, will be brought to the advertisement within the eBay app.

Last but not least, the rumors. According to leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, Snapchat would be working on the Questions sticker, for questions, with the already created ad hoc shortcut, concerning a comic with the question mark inside.


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