Spy Whatsapp messages of another with Whatscan on Android and iPhone

spy on whatsapp messages As we have already written, it is a possibility to spy on Whatsapp of someone else, not only through hacker methods but also by using some simple and trivial trick that cleverly exploits the Whatsapp function via the website.
The trick to spy on another’s Whatsapp it simply requires to have in hand, at least for a moment, the phone of this person, open Whatsapp, go to the settings and bring up the camera to scan the QR code that appears on the screen of our computer where we opened the site web.whatsapp.com.
Immediately, you can open the other person’s Whatsapp on our PC and use it as if you had your phone in your hand.
The Whatsapp site keeps in mind the connection to the account until the spied person notices and closes every Whatsapp Web activity.This trick as simple as it is powerful, it can be refined and used even using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, thanks to a special application, which immediately shows the QR code to be scanned to be able to enter another person’s Whatsapp as quickly as possible.

The application is called Whatscan and it acts in a simple way, without any hacker forcing, simply working to access Whatsapp Web from smartphone or tablet, to our account or to that of others.
Whatscan, free for Android and for iPhone, it puts on the screen a QR code which is what would appear if you opened the Whatsapp Web site from your PC.
Using the phone of the person we want to spy, we open Whatsapp, go into the settings, then into Whatsap Web and ask to add a connection.
When the camera for scanning the QR code appears, we can frame the code displayed by Whatscan on our phone and then get access to the other person’s Whatsapp.
The Whatsapp Web connection in Whatscan works until the other person keeps the phone connected to the internet, if he doesn’t notice the intrusion and if he doesn’t use Whatsapp himself from the site.
If the other person disconnects from the internet, when he reconnects, we can still go back to watching his Whatsapp without having to repeat the login procedure.

To notice that you are being spied on, the other person can only check the active Whatsapp Web connections by opening the chat settings.
The best way to avoid this type of problem, of course, is to always keep the phone away from other people’s hands, block it with a PIN or screen lock and, possibly, also protect Whatsapp by blocking password access.


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