Thanks to a bot, we are back to talking about cryptocurrency exchange on Telegram which, soon, could also be equipped with a level of subscription use, with related advantages.
Telegram: official cryptocurrencies via bots, Telegram Premium is coming

With the maxi update of April fully operational, and waiting to find out if there will be one in May as well, Telegram has participated in an interesting novelty, which offers its users a useful service: all while details emerge on the upcoming launch of its paid version.

In 2019, Telegram was forced to cease development of its blockchain and cryptocurrency project, transferring the assets to The Open Network, the community that has overseen its development over the years. In the past few hours, thanks to the latter, cryptocurrencies have made their debut on the chat app in question, through the Wallet Bot, a bot that, installed on the latest version of the messaging, allows users to take advantage of the The Open blockchain network. Network (TON) so that users can buy, send, or receive, with zero commissions and without having to “enter long wallet addresses and wait for confirmations”, the cryptocurrency TonCoin (one of the most capitalized digital currencies in the world, with 2 , 83 billion dollars), but also the most popular BitCoins.

The other big news related to Telegram does not have an official character, nor does it consist of a functional debut. Specifically, the famous leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, through a reverse engineering operation, analyzed a version of Telegram in his possession, obtaining an interesting discovery, relating to something that could materialize in the future.

As known, several interaction services are considering the option of a premium level, just think of WhatsApp and, before that, of Twitter with Blue. Pavel Durov’s platform is also in the game, with the leaker Paluzzi who has discovered some of the contents that can be obtained by subscribing, with a recurring fee and not through a one-off purchase, the so-called Telegram Premium.

With this subscription, it will be possible to have, unavailable to normal free users, additional packages of Reactions and stickers, as well as a badge next to the username. At the moment, it is not known when this level of use will debut on Telegram, but on the internet it seems to be a widespread opinion that, given the advanced state of development of the works that transpires from the screenshots published, it should not be long before the “day one” of Telegram Premium .


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