During the most anticipated event of the day, Black Shark (for now in Xiaomi orbit) announced the new state of the art of the top telephone range intended for gaming, with the Black Shark 5 and 5 Pro flagships.
The top videolugic range of the Black Shark 5 series are official

One year after its predecessors, Black Shark, Xiaomi’s historical partner (although rumors give it among Tencent’s acquiring appetites) for gaming, held a new event during which it presented the new gaming phones of the series Black Shark 5, i.e. the standard Black Shark 5 and the 5 Pro one.

The Black Shark 5 (163.83 x 76.25 x 10.37 mm for 223 grams in the colors Dawning White, Dark Universe Black and Explore) and Black Shark 5 Pro (163.86 x 76.53 x 9.8 mm, for 226 grams, in the colors Meteorite Black and Taingong White) , IPX4 waterproof, have a less extreme aesthetic, while confirming themselves in some way whimsical, with rear robotic geometric lines and the SharkEye RGB LED lighting system, which can be customized according to various scenarios.

On the side frame, which can be activated by a switch, there are the Magnetic Lift Shoulder Key 2.0 magnetic triggers, improved in various aspects (+ 16% of pressure surface, + 15% of pressure response, + 20% of touch processing) useful in various games. Another gamic element is the sophisticated heat dissipation system: in this specific case, a three-dimensional double VC cooling system (with the cooling elements on the front and rear, sandwich) has been prepared, with an area of ​​5,320 mm² (+ 460 mm² compared to the Redmi K50 Gaming Edition), and a technology of circulation (capillary and fast) of the liquid defined as anti-gravity. The result is that the temperature flux is increased by 30% and the thermal conductivity by 50%.

Having obtained these results, it was first of all possible to implement a record-breaking charging system, with the battery, in both models from 4,500 mAh which, subject to a quick charge at 120W, can charge from 0 to 100 in 15 minutes or, in a way less stressful in 24 minutes. Obviously, the other benefit was substantiated in being able to adopt processors at the top: the Black Shark 5 uses an octacore (3.2 GHz) from TMSC, the Snapdragon 870 at 7 nanometers with Adreno 650 GPU: The Black Shark 5 Pro (with frame mode ultra-high rate on Honor of Kings), on the other hand, opts for an octacore processor (3.0 GHz) produced by Samsung as Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, with Adreno 730 GPU. Common to both devices is the technology that associates a UFS storage 3.1 to an NVMe SSD, via Dual Disk Array 2.0, in order to obtain + 55% reading speed and + 69% writing speed, and LPDDR5 RAM (6,400 Mbps).

Frontally, the Black Shark 5 and Black Shark 5 Pro feature a 6.7-inch flat 10-bit AMOLED E4, with FullHD + resolution, 144 Hz adaptive refresh rate (starting from 60/90/120), 720 Hz touch sampling, 8.3 ms delay in response to multi-finger touch, brightness adjustable to 16 thousand levels thanks to the 360 ​​° ambient light sensor (also operating on the back), DC dimming, 1.07 billion colors, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, area increased by 16% in dual zone pressure sensitivity.

The selfiecamera, in the Black Shark 5 and 5 Pro, is 13 megapixel, but what changes is the triple camera in the rear rectangular bumper, with a smaller section included in a larger one: in the basic model the main, ultra-wide angle and macro scheme provides 64 + 13 + 5 megapixel sensors while, in the Pro model it improves with 108 + 13 + 5 megapixels. On the audio side, also benefited by the NLC algorithm algorithm, in the ad hoc ranking of DxOMark the new pair of Black Shark 5 excelled thanks to two symmetrical 1216P speakers, combined with as many 14 V SmartPA amplifiers and a 1.5 cc audio cavity while, for the acquisition, in addition to the Audio Zoom in the videos, there are 4 microphones. Still in the field of multimedia, there is the motor for the vibration along the X axis.

Implemented the advanced Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, switching instead to the software, both Black Shark 5 rely on the JOYUI 13 interface based on MIUI 13, which brings with it a smart cube-style shortcut, a vibration editor, and the AI image recognition.

Note the presence of the China Aerospace Edition for the Black Shark 5 Pro (16 + 512 GB at 5,999 yuan) and the standard Black Shark 5 (112 + 256 GB, 3,499 yuan) with a piece of meteorite as a pendant as a gift, GaN charger from 120W, thermo-conductive protective cover for magnetic charging, action figure with aerospace motifs, in terms of prices for the classic models, the 8 + 256 GB version of the Black Shark 5 base (whose first 900 buyers will get a Black Shark as a gift Frozen Cooling Back Clip Pro) costs 2,799 yuan (396 euros), the 12 + 128 GB one costs 2,999 yuan (424 euros), and the 12 + 256 GB one requires 3,299 yuan (467 euros). The 8 + 256 GB version of the Black Shark 5 Pro (same promo, with Black Shark Frozen Cooling Back Clip on reservation), on the other hand, starts from 4,199 yuan (594 euros), to get to 4,699 yuan (665 euros) with 12 + 256 GB, and at 5,499 yuan (778 euros) for the 16 + 512 GB one.


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