WhatsApp: bugs fixed on Android, Sticker tab in UWP beta for Windows

Far from major functional releases, in the past few hours WhatsApp has dedicated itself to correcting some bugs in the beta channel for Android, releasing a new UWP version in the Windows one that paves the way for the arrival of stickers.
WhatsApp: bugs fixed on Android, Sticker tab in UWP beta for Windows

After the wide range of news that emerged just a few hours ago, WhatsApp, before devoting itself to the correction of some annoying bugs, also released one of its rare updates for the UWP version in favor of Windows users, with a small surprise inside.

Currently, to use WhatsApp on a PC, various alternatives are available, including WhatsApp web, WhatsApp in the form of exe software, WhatsApp Beta for Windows and the most recent, but also more immature, WhatsApp in the form of Universal Windows Platform (UWP), downloadable from the Microsoft Store. The latter, at present, lacks many functions since, for example, it does not allow you to send voice notes, photos, and stickers: on the other hand, it allows you to share drawings made by hand (i.e. with the mouse, with your finger on the screens touch, or with a capacitive stylus on convertible devices and tablets).

Aware of these limitations, the UWP version of WhatsApp (in beta), written according to the aesthetic style of Windows 10/11, has just been updated by Microsoft to the UWP version 2.2211.3.70 which, in addition to some performance improvements, now also reveals a Sticker tab: to reach it, just go to a chat, click on the emoji face and you will notice that, next to the Emoji and GIF items, on the right now there is also the one that refers to the stickers.

Unfortunately, when you go inside, you notice how this card is empty, with the signaling that no favorite stickers have been added: this happens because it is not yet possible to synchronize the favorites between multiple devices (although some traces to this effect have been discovered in the code application, where there was also evidence of the ease with which it will be possible to add and remove stickers from favorites).

Putting aside what (available to everyone), however, is a small big evolutionary step for the younger version of WhatsApp on PCs, moving to the Android version of WhatsApp, in the past few hours there have been several reports according to which, by installing the beta release 2.22 .8.4 for Android, sometimes you ran into several random crashes while, in other cases, you happened to find your messages duplicated.

Unfortunately, the beta in question was very important, because it introduced the ability to stop and resume the recording of voice messages and, therefore, it is not surprising that Menlo Park immediately ran for cover, releasing the subsequent corrective beta, downloadable from Play Store if enrolled in the platform testing program, or more easily and directly from the ApkMirror online repository.


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