X, shadowban reports growing: what’s happening?

X, shadowban reports growing: what's happening?

In recent days, an increasing number of shadowban are X. The phenomenon of shadowbanning it is the practice of some social networks that provides for the limitation of visibility and of scope of posts from a particular account.

What makes this behavior of the platforms very disturbing is the fact that, in most cases, no notifications or explanations about the shadowban are provided. Recently, many X users have reported anomalous behavior on the social network, with the receipt of generic notifications reporting vague reasons for the content restriction as well as the temporary blocking of some accounts.

Many accounts, in this sense, have received concerning reports spam content or other similar cases, but without the platform having investigated such notifications.

Although similar cases have affected platforms such as Instagram in the past, it seems almost ironic how the shadowban is also present on a platform like X, which makes freedom of speech its main characteristic.

Rain of Shadowbans on X: Is this a glitch in spam detection?

User reports are numerous and, at least apparently, do not seem to have a common logical thread. The contents “penalised” by private communications among users.

According to what was reported by a user of the platform, known as @gateklonsthis could all be caused by X applying some automatic rules for the spam detection which, apparently, are not working as expected.

Cases of shadowbans linked to In fact, the EU recently opened a formal investigation into the social network, accused of problems in terms of transparency and content moderation.

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