Android Auto, the navigation interface is updated

Great progress has been made in recent years by the interface dedicated to the world of cars, Android Auto. Google took care of improving various aspects that users had complained were lacking, making them real strong points. If previously the solutions offered by the interface were few, today there are many more and they guarantee greater integration with your smartphone without even having to look at it.

To date, what users who use Android Auto want is to have a screen that is useful and not too full. This is because while driving you need to concentrate on the road and not have a display that offers distractions. During the last hours the arrival of a new one would have been reported update ready to make significant changes to the navigation screen itself.

The application of Google Maps in fact it has been improved precisely to allow users to maintain attention, focusing precisely on the road ahead.

Android Auto, new update with renewal of the Google Maps interface

Soon everyone will be able to access the new Android Auto update which involves the arrival of a new design. The review will concern the Google Maps navigation screen, with a new organization of the buttons and an overall less cluttered screen.

The update, which takes place on the server side and therefore may not yet be visible to everyone, should arrive soon.

As for the changes, Google Maps on the car’s infotainment system will now show the travel time necessary. Directly below there will be the button useful for stopping navigation, followed by an option to analyze alternative routes, to set intermediate stops and so on.

The style of the buttons has also been slightly revised with the removal of the dividing line between two different options. With this update you now have better organization but also a more modern look. The integration with the new sidebar is seamless.


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