App StoreIn the past, in order to install a new program on a PC, it was necessary to download the installer or executable from the official website, double-click on it, follow all the steps indicated and finally get to the actual installation, highlighted by a bar which fills up as the process comes to an end. Modern users (who almost always use smartphones and tablets) are now more used to download apps directly from an integrated store, by pressing on as few keys as possible (or better still by pressing on a single key). For this reason, Windows and Mac have adapted over the years and have integrated real ones within the App Store, with which you can download the vast majority of the apps we need without getting lost among the sites and download links.

Let’s see together in this guide how to use App Store where you can download Windows and Mac applications, also indicating some other valid alternatives to be able to try new apps without downloading any executables.

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Download apps from the Microsoft Store

To immediately download the apps we need on Windows 10 without opening the browser, open the Start menu at the bottom left and open the app Microsoft Store, usually present as a side pane of the Start menu (but we can also look for it in the app list).

In the new Store, we can search for the apps we like or the programs we usually use using the magnifying glass button at the top right. To search for new useful apps, click on one of the categories present at the top: by pressing on the category Games we will find many PC games and Xbox games, in the category Entertainment we will find the mainstreaming apps, in the category Productivity we can find the most useful apps for working from the computer and in the category Offers we will find games and paid programs on offer. After finding the app we are interested in, we open its tab and press the button Get or his Buy to add it to your computer. If we are buying a paid app it is necessary to use a Microsoft account on Windows 10 and associate a valid payment method (like PayPal for example).

Obviously, in this store, we will not find all the applications that we are used to using on Windows, but a good part of them.

Do not forget that there are also programs for download and install Windows applications all at once, with the possibility of creating a package by choosing which programs to include.

Download apps from the Apple App Store

From this point of view, Apple is definitely ahead of Microsoft, given that on all MacBooks and Macs the reference point for downloading new apps is precisely theApp Store, which features virtually all the essential apps to work or to carry out all the necessary operations. If we have not yet used the App Store we can proceed by pressing the icon below App Store in the Dock or, alternatively, by opening the Launchpad and searching App Store.

Once the store is open, use the bar on the left to search for the app we are looking for or move between the categories offered to search for new themed apps; once the app has been identified, press on its name and click on Get to download it. If the app is paid, it will be enough press on the price to confirm the transaction. Compared to Microsoft, many Mac apps are paid for: it is, therefore, convenient to add a payment method to your Apple account immediately, so you can immediately download the new apps. To add one directly from Mac or MacBook, click on the account name at the bottom left (in the App Store), click on View information, we confirm the access data of the Apple account and, in the new window, click on Manage payments to add a PayPal account or a credit card to the account.

The Mac App Store is closely tied to the Apple ID account and will make the same associated payment methods available on iPhone or iPad. To learn more we can also read the guide to sites where to download free applications for Mac.

Use the Chrome apps on your PC

As an alternative PC app store, we can also use Google Chrome, which in fact can function as a real operating system for its applications (as also seen on Chrome OS). To try the Google Chrome apps, open the Chrome Web Store on the browser and search for the desired apps, using the search bar at the top left or one of the categories on the side, so that we can download the apps that interest us. To be sure to download apps and not simple extensions, we apply the filter Works offline, so as to be sure of being able to use them even without an Internet connection.

To turn each Chrome app into an app installed on Windows, type in the address bar chrome://apps/, right-click on the app to add to the system, click on Create shortcuts, we check both items Desktop e Boot menu then we click on Create.

To learn more we can also read our guides Top 25 Chrome Apps That Also Work Offline e Turn any site into a desktop app with Chrome on Windows.

External stores to download PC apps

If the app we are looking for is not available with the stores seen above, it may be a good idea to search for the most useful and interesting applications from external stores, choosing only the safe and verified ones (without viruses or proprietary installers). The best can be found in the following list:

  • Major Geeks: A true reference point for free programs, with fast downloads from various mirrors.
  • FileHippo: another valid portal where you can quickly download free applications.
  • Softonic: one of the most used sites in Italy to download new programs or useful tools for the PC.
  • SourceForge: a site full of free and open-source programs.
  • GitHub: site for distributing open-source programs for IT experts.

By downloading the installers or executables from these sites we will be sure of having the latest version and of obtaining programs that are safe and tested for viruses or other types of dangerous malware. To find other sites we can read our article best sites to download free programs for PC.


I believe that an App Store for the computer can be useful for novice users or amateurs, but it will almost certainly never be used by expert users who can find many free programs to download by browsing the Internet and downloading installers.

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