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Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra, what’s happening with the displays

Problems at home again Apple: after recent reports of excessive overheating Of iPhone 15 Pro e iPhone 15 Pro Maxmany users have also encountered problems with Apple Watch Series 9 e Apple Watch Ultra 2.

The first statements shared on the web speak of screen malfunctions which would be causing quite a few problems for owners of the Cupertino company’s smartwatches.

For its part, Apple has not yet expressed its opinion on the matter but the company should already be working to resolve the problems.

Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, the most common problems

According to what was shared by several users on social media, the new smartwatches from the Cupertino company have some strange features problems with the screen which many have described as a kind of “flickering”.

Judging by the Apple support forum and from the many posts about it this seems to be quite common and would affect a large number of devices.

In some cases, however, the display may change “special” colorsbecoming all pink for no apparent reason and at any time and not just while carrying out certain operations.

Another bug that has been reported several times concerns the poor battery life dell’Apple Watch.

According to comments on the web, the battery would have a “variable” duration and not justified by the use, many have reported more than 36 hours of autonomy, others, however, have noticed excessive consumption which leads the device to discharge completely in less than 24 hours.

Here too the causes are not known but it could be a problem operating system optimization.

According to rumors, Apple is already aware of the problems and is about to release a watchOS updatewhich should fix things, even if a release window for this update has not yet been defined.

How to troubleshoot your smartwatch

Even though the official press release from Apple has not yet arrived, many have applied themselves to try to resolve their problems independently Apple Watch or, at least, to look for a “buffer solution” while waiting for the official intervention of the manufacturing company.

To avoid flickering or the screen turning pink, for example, you could disabilitare l’Always-On Display given that it could be one of the causes of these inconveniences.

To do this just go up Settingstap on Display and brightness and from the card Always-On Display disable the function.

Clearly this suggestion does not solve the problem but simply bypasses it.

For the drums there is no advice at the moment, other than the classic invitation to Moderate your smartwatch usageavoiding overly specific functions.

Chances are good, however, that the situation is temporary and Apple should release the new watchOS update as soon as possible.

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