The market is looking for DevOps: who they are, what opportunities, how to become one

Those who follow our pages on a daily basis and those who, more generally, know the basics of programming, will have no difficulty in seeing a great opportunity available between the lines of this article. What Talent Garden presents, in fact, is the opportunity to respond to an increasingly pressing request from the job market. Companies are not only increasingly looking for new programmers to whom they can entrust their development projects, but they increasingly need professionals capable of coordinating developers, identifying the best solutions from both a technical and economic point of view: the Cloud & DevOps Master by Talent Garden it’s a dive into this reality and into the sun nine weeks (from 27 November to 23 February) can open up important career opportunities for any developer or enthusiast.

The DevOps Cloud Engineer is the reference figure for the introduction of processes, tools and methodologies aimed at satisfying the needs of the various phases of the software development cycle, from coding to deployment, from maintenance to updates. The DevOps Cloud Engineer is a professional capable of combining the technical field of coding with ICT operations.

Talent Garden

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The Talent Garden method

The objective that Talent Garden has set itself is the training of professionals immediately ready to step into the role. Not a long theoretical path, but a pragmatic operational course of the “learning by doing” which trains its students based on the profile that the market is requesting. Talent Garden, recognized Digital Skill Academy with a well-known reputation, puts its experience in training at the service of a path that is in line with the group’s mission: training people, cultivating opportunities, generating virtuous encounters to support innovation in all its expressions.

Cloud & DevOps Master

The Master is specifically dedicated to people who already master the basic notions of how cloud infrastructures work: figures with creative and analytical mindset, ready to keep up to date according to the latest trends in the sector, already capable of working with at least one programming language and coming from a STEM university course (in particular Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Telecommunications Engineering, Statistics, Computer Engineering) or IT diploma. But there is one characteristic above all others that determines the ideal profile for a master of this type: ambition. The search for a better position, or a change of perspective, are roads paved with positive impulses which can find an easy outlet in a path of this type.

Up-skilling for some, re-skilling for others, but all with the same needs: to go straight to the goal in the most comfortable and effective way possible. The Talent Garden master’s degree, in fact, focuses on 9 weeks of commitmentcon online lessons in which they can participate without having to travel (thus facilitating access to the courses even for those who are tied to work places and hours or other impediments). Access is filtered by a consultation with an Orientation & Admission Specialist who evaluates skills and ambitions to understand if the foundations are the right ones to create a quality classroom adequately rich in talent.

Since the objective is to train figures immediately ready to join the job market, a Career Guide path will follow the closing of the Master to work on personal branding and CV, providing all the skills useful for an effective presentation and positioning immediate. The work also involves a specific mentorship to enhance one’s experiences and an appendix of soft skill development to equip oneself with the necessary qualities in terms of public speaking, project management and critical thinking. In short, all-round training to achieve the DevOps that companies require.

Master's Calendar

Cloud & DevOps Master

The Master is divided into four modules:

  • Fundamentals

    In this module, you will learn the basic concepts of DevOps and how they are applied in managing a technology infrastructure. Learn how to manage the CI/CD roadmap to automate the deployment process and familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of GitHub, GitLab and Jenkins. You will learn the importance of security in DevOps and how to handle errors. You will learn about the architecture of the major cloud providers and how to use Infrastructure as Code concepts and container platforms to manage computing resources. Finally, you will explore measuring and quantifying the cost of computing resources“;

  • DevOps playground Basics Tool

    In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of the Linux operating system, how to automate tasks using shell scripts, basic networking concepts such as IP addresses, subnets, routing and network protocols. You will be introduced to using containers for building and deploying applications, and you will learn how to manage and automate container management in production“;

  • Cloud & AWS: training and practice

    In this module, we will explore the world of cloud computing and how to use cloud resources to create scalable and flexible infrastructures. We will learn how to manage access to cloud resources and how to use features to monitor and optimize costs. We will also have the opportunity to explore cloud compute, database and analytics services, and how to use these services to ensure business continuity and recovery from disruptions“;

  • Cloud & Google: training and practice

    In this module, you will learn the fundamental concepts of cloud computing and how to design on cloud platforms. You will be taught security and compliance principles to protect your assets. You will learn how to configure and deploy your resources such as virtual machines, virtual networks, storage, and databases. You will be able to monitor the performance of your resources and manage incidents“.

The Master makes sector professionals available in the role of teachers and all participants will be able to participate in networking events (with companies such as WeSchool, Henkel, Microsoft, Sisal), have free access to the Talent Garden campus and have a dedicated Learning Manager who will be able to offer the necessary assistance throughout the training course.

Talent Garden

You come out with new opportunities in your hands, new skills in your pocket to use at the next interview and the following assets in your CV:

  • knowledge of the architectures of the main public cloud providers (Google, AWS, Azure);
  • preparation for basic certification, knowing the services offered by the main players in the sector and how to use them to create scalable and flexible infrastructures. You will also get 2 coupons to attempt the Google and AWS certification exams;
  • ability to design systems and infrastructures and manage the costs of the resources used;
  • understanding the concept of DevOps and how it can adapt to changing business needs;
  • ability to use the Linux operating system, write scripts in Bash to automate tasks;
  • understanding basic networking and container concepts and using Docker and Kubernetes to build and deploy containers.
  • possibility of integrating security into the DevOps process.

Furthermore, it comes out with the certifications of Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer and that AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: concrete steps for one’s career, in short, in search of new doors ready to open.

For a changing market

The evolution of the programming market also and above all passes through a review of the organization of development teams: managing teams of developers and being able to finalize everyone’s work towards a common goal implies managerial and analytical skills that must find a match with the ability to technically examine the best solutions to be prepared when faced with problems. The figure of DevOps arises from the need to best catalyze available resources, offering companies coordinated and efficient management of their Dev branch.

Figures of this type will be increasingly necessary and the Master Cloud & DevOps of Talent Garden was born from the depths of this need: it is necessary to train the figures that the market is requesting, with the mutual satisfaction of those who intend to evolve their position and of those who are looking for DevOps to whom you can entrust your development investments.

All those who access it after reading this article will also have a warmer “welcome”: well €300 discount using the coupon code “BLAZEMED” and putting his passion for software on the tracks of the DevOps world.

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