The last edition of the Baseus spring event saw the emerging Chinese brand propose several new accessories, not only in terms of fast charging, but also of audio, with two new models of true wireless earphones.
Baseus: official Storm 3 and Storm 1 true wireless earphones

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Born in 2021, the Chinese brand Baseus, over time, has established itself as one of the most popular brands in terms of accessories on the international scene, resulting among the 20 main brands preferred by the importer Aliexpress, but also by reason of the over 1,300 patents filed, and of the 101 international awards collected. The brand in question held at home the spring event “Full Power All the Way” during which it presented various products, including the indispensable true wireless earphones.

The first model of wireless earphone presented by the brand is represented by the Baseus Storm 3. These are semi-in-ear earphones with a semi-open design that recover the dispersed low-frequency energy in real time, compensating for it: the interior offers diaphragms double-layered, and therefore composite, and benefits from the sound calibration carried out in the Baseus Acoustics Laboratory which, in particular, has given birth to an acoustic duct, from the microphone to the loudspeaker, in a U shape, in order to lengthen the sound path and reduce the background noise without any pressure on the ear.

The presence of 3 microphones allows the reduction of noise, judged stronger than that of the rivals Huawei FreeBuds 4, but also adaptive since with each use the emission gems detect the angle of support on the ear, the type of ear canal, and adjust the noise reduction accordingly. Other contributions to sound quality are dictated by the companion app, which not only allows OTA updates. to customize the functional buttons, but also to adjust the noise reduction modes, and to intervene on the equalization.

Audio Technology Gold Label certified by Baseus, the Storm 3 earphones have Bluetooth 5.2, with connection to two devices at the same time, and a low latency mode: each of the earphones has 40 mAh batteries, which can be quickly charged, thanks to the case (400 mAh ) can also be charged wirelessly. Basically, they are sold for 499 yuan (around 71 euros) but, in the pre-order phase, they arrive on the market at a discount of 449 yuan (around 65 euros).

Fast charging, multi-point connection and low latency also come with the Storm 1 earphones, piebald for 459 yuan (66 euros) but in pre-order for 399 yuan (57 euros). The latter are of the in-ear type, with a chromatically contrasting look, both in the white version, with a peach and off-white shade, and in the black version, with a blue and black shade. Technically, the Storm 1 adopt adaptive noise reduction technology (up to 42 decibels) which detects external noise, feeding it to the ad hoc algorithm and the noise reduction chip, in order to ensure the user, even in environments different, the same feeling of silence. Do not miss the BES2500YP Bluetooth chip, also appreciated on the Oppo Enco Free 2i, for its being efficient and able to ensure a fast connection and high performance, and Harman tuning in order to obtain a THD ≤ 0.09% of distortion total harmonic.


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