From HP many announcements for hybrid work with Chromebooks, Thin Clients, accessories and more

With summer approaching by leaps and bounds, HP has also anticipated some innovations, both hardware and software, that will animate the world of work, with an eye to cloud and hybridity, when activities resume in September.
From HP many announcements for hybrid work with Chromebooks, Thin Clients, accessories and more

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Not only Acer, but also Hewlett Packard, aka HP, has dedicated itself to announcements in favor of hybrid work, the new mantra of Silicon Valley and the Asian manufacturing districts, fielding all-out innovations, including new Chromebooks, Thin Clients (with a new operating system), management systems and accessories.

Unveiled at CES 2022, the luxurious HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook was somewhat lost track. Until now. The American giant, in fact, has announced that the terminal in question, also in the Enterprise version, will arrive on the market in the summer, according to prices of 1,149 and 1,254 dollars for the standard version and the one intended for businesses. For these figures, buyers will benefit from a top hardware, with anti-reflective panel up to QHD resolution, a peak of 1,000 nits of brightness, support for the use of the stylus provided under the touchscreen, memories sized to a maximum of 512 GB for the SSD storage and a maximum of 32 GB for RAM.

With quite a few ports in tow (despite its elegant chassis being rather thin), the HP Elite c645 G2 Chromebook (from $ 559) will arrive first, in June, also in the Enterprise version, in both cases with the option for the cellular version (4G LTE). In the specific case it is a traditional laptop, clamshell, with a resolute 14-inch display in FullHD which, by default, reaches a maximum of 400 nits of brightness, although there is an option for a version with a peak of 1,000 nits. To animate it will be the AMD Ryzen 5000 processors of the C Series, thanks to which Wi-Fi 6E connectivity will be possible.

With a body borrowed from the previous model, in mid-May, the HP Elite c640 G3 (from $ 509) will arrive, also in the Enterprise version: in this case it is a Chromebook animated by the Intel chipmaker who provided processors of its 12th generation.

Benefited from ThinPro 8.0, the operating system with an eye to cloud computing and OS virtualization, but also from the new release of the management software for IT admin “Cloud Endpoint Manager”, three Thin Clients will arrive.

Attentive to privacy, due to the anti-curious Sure View Reflect opacifying filter, but also to security, with BIOS-side precautions, a fingerprint scanner and a smart card reader, the Elite mt645 G7 Mobile Thin notebook will be revealed this summer Client, a terminal animated by Ryzen 5000 processors from the well-known AMD. Equal care in security, even in the BIOS and at the operating system level, will be found in the HP Pro mt440 G4 Mobile Thin Client, still expected this summer, even if powered by Intel 12th gen processors, more suitable for light tasks ( being the Celerons). Versatile in terms of installation, the HP Elite t655 Thin Client desktop will be made available in August which, powered by AMD (with integrated graphics in support of Ryzen Embedded R-Series processors), can be connected up to 3 4K monitors simultaneously.

First of all, being already available for purchase in the US for $ 99, however, comes the accessory of this short recap, the Universal USB-C Multiport Hub, using which the user can earn USB ports (Type-A and Type-C), HDMI and Ethernet.


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