Best sites to watch movies streaming on the internet

List of the best legal websites where you can watch online movies streamed from PC and apps

Streaming Streaming movies is always a much sought after topic on the internet, since we can now find everything on the net.
Watch movies on the internet, on PC or even on TV (by connecting the PC to the TV or using the Chromecasts), it’s a nice convenience, because we can choose the film or TV show to watch without having to wait for it to be broadcast by a TV channel.
The big problem for those who want to watch movies online and who often don’t know where to look, risking ending up in dangerous websites full of viruses and malware, which open pop-ups and downloads of malicious programs with every click. If we are looking for something simple, safe, legal, without deception and without dangers for your PC and personal data, we carefully avoid pirated streaming sites and rely instead on legal sites to watch movies in straming.
In this guide we will show both i Best sites that offer free and legal streaming movies, and services that offer movies upon payment of a monthly subscription.

Sites to watch streaming movies

There aren’t many sites that offer free movies in compliance with the law, plus we shouldn’t expect films that have recently come out in theaters. But with a little luck we can find the films already broadcast on standard TV channels or that the rights have been acquired from one of the sites listed below.


RaiPlay, the official Rai website allows you to watch the programs broadcast live on PC and also offers a section of the site where you can find, in addition to fiction, many free movies to watch in streaming, many of which are recent (if broadcast on TV channels) .
The page where you can find the movies directly is available here -> RaiPlay Movies.

To be able to watch movies on RaiPlay you need to register for a free account; if we don’t already have one, we can get it by filling in all the necessary fields on the registration page.
If we want to watch these movies on smartphones or tablets, just download the RaiPlay app on Android and iPhone / iPad.


VVVVID is an online TV full of even recent films, episodic TV shows and cartoons of Japanese origin (it is in fact the best free site for those who want to see Japanese cartoons), but also with some American films.

The site requires the registration of an account (free) and divides the various channels by genre, in order to easily find a movie or TV show to watch.
Of VVVVID there are also the app for Android and the app for iPhone and iPad.

Mediaset Play

Mediaset Play is the site that offers on-demand streaming many Mediaset films and fictions (but also many Universal Studios films), which can be enjoyed online without limits.
Mediaset Play

The only request is access through a free account, which we can subscribe to anywhere on the site by clicking on the button Log in (also present in the top right corner) and then on Record.
If we want to wade the films of the Mediaset site from tablet or smartphone, just download the app for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

Sites to watch paid or subscription streaming movies

After seeing the sites that offer streaming movies for free, in this section we see the Web services that offer paid films or upon payment of a monthly subscription.

Popcorn TV

Popcorn TV is a web TV that has existed for several years now, legal, with a very niccha catalog (there are very old American films) in its archive. Even if there are no big movie hits, all films are freely visible without registration and totally free of charge.
Popcorn TV

The only precaution is to remove any block of advertising type, since before the reproduction of the advertising videos will be played to finance the site and to earn something to those who keep on this legal streaming platform.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a website of movies and TV series streamed in first vision and in Italian. Over time, the platform has added more and more new films (also released in less than a year to the cinema) and presents a large variety of exclusive TV series.
Amazon Prime Video

We marked it as the first choice among paid services because the subscription is very convenient, being included within the services offered for Amazon Prime customers (therefore only 36 € per year, considering also all the others advantages of Prime).
If we want to enjoy Amazon Prime Video content from a smartphone or tablet, just download the app for Android and for iPhone / iPad.


Netflix it is perhaps the most famous streaming site, the one with the most content, even if it is mainly dedicated to those who love TV series (since there are many exclusives produced by Netflix itself).

However, there are many successful films, which are constantly updated in order to offer the best user experience. Netflix also has magnificent usability, the highest video quality ever (full support for 4K HDR), it also works with slow internet connections, has its own apps for iPhone and Android and supports Chromecast to watch movies even on TV in Wifi.
The Netflix subscription starts from € 7.99 per month for the basic subscription (one user and no HD), up to the most expensive subscription (€ 15.99 per month for 4K HDR and up to 4 devices in simultaneous display).

If we are undecided between Netflix and NOW TV, we advise you to read ours Comparison between Netflix and Now TV.

Disney +

Disney + it is the most recent streaming platform released in Italy, with exclusive Disney films and TV series, therefore including old and recent animated films (Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Oceania, Frozen etc.), with the Pixar catalog (Toy Story, Monsters Inc etc. ), Marvel movies and TV series (including the Avengers movie), the Star Wars series and the Simspons. Disney + therefore has content more suitable for children, in fact there are no TV series and films prohibited to children under 14 years.
Disney + or Netflix

The subscription to Disney +, for now, is still very convenient, only 7 Euros per month (3 Euros for TIMVision customers). You can see Disney + on PC on the site, on Android, iPhone and all Smart TVs and Fire Sticks.


Infinity by Mediaset presents many films and TV series, including first-run films and numerous box-office hits at the cinema.

If we love cinema of all kinds, this is one of the best sites to subscribe to to watch movies at home. Infinity also has its apps for mobiles and tablets and supports TV viewing via Chromecast; we can download it for Android and for iPhone / iPad.
Infinity also has a great subscription price, it starts from € 7.99 per month to get toannual subscription from 69 €.


NOW TV it allows you to access the films of the platform and some channels that broadcast non-stop films without the need for a satellite dish, all via the Internet.

By activating the subscription we will be able to see the films offered on-demand (many of the latest successes in the cinema) and at the same time access the Sky Cinema channels offered in streaming (lower quality than satellite, but still acceptable to be seen on Full HD TV).
The subscription price is of € 9.99 per month, choosing to activate only Cinema tickets (thus unlocking all the films in the catalog).
If we want to view movies on smartphones and tablets, we recommend installing the apps for Android and for iPhone / iPad.


Timvision is a bit the revelation of this list, rightly snubbed for years and even without an exceptional catalog of films and TV series, it makes use of for the lowest price compared to the competition: just 5 Euros per month for all 3 Euros per month with the offer to TIM abobnati which also includes Disney +.
Furthermore, with TimVision you have free access to some Sky channels (Sky 1, Sky arte, Sky tg24, Sky sport24) and also to the Eurospot channel, all inclusive.

MyMovies Live

MyMovies Live is a section of streaming movies on the MyMovies site, the most important for Italian cinema.
MyMovies Live

The Live section provides the opportunity to register for a free account and to watch movies when they are broadcast or to reserve a seat for live events. By paying the Premium subscription, which costs € 1.99 per week or € 6.90 per month, you can instead watch all the streaming movies without limitations.

Rental films, sales films and where to find specific films

To finish the discussion on streaming movies online, if we want see a particular movie once in a while, you can take advantage of online movie rental services how Google Play Movies, iTunes, TimVision, Chili and the special section of films on demand on Youtube.
In these web portals it is possible to choose a film and pay it individually 2 or 3 Euros (to view it via the Internet on PC or TV) as was done with Blockbuster.

Finally, taking advantage of the functionality of the site Trovastreaming it’s possible discover the platform where a specific film is and get the programming of the main online streaming sites.
The Vodkey site is similar, but specializes in the most important films that can be viewed for free online every week.


If we have to stay at home and we don’t know how to pass the time, we can rely on one of the sites seen above, so that we can always find a new film to watch even for free. The best films are obviously present on the paid platforms and, spending little, we can easily cover even 2 or 3 weeks in a row.
Not to forget, then, i Free streaming sites in English, including Plex Movies

To stream movies from PC to TV, we recommend reading our guide on how Watch videos and movies on TV from PC with Chromecast.
If instead we wanted to watch traditional TV channels live via the Internet, we can read our article on Sites of streaming TV channels live on the internet.


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