Best sites with photos and images to download for free

Best sites to find free images to download and free photos to use, under a Creative Commons license, in the public domain

Free images On the Internet we can find images that we can download for free and without limits for our site or blog, but not all of them have the right requirements to be used on the sites: some free images require the recognition of copyright and recognition that is bestowed below form of money (although for many licenses a citation of the source or a replica of the same license is sufficient).

The most difficult images to download are those with watermarks: they are often also available for free but at low resolution and the source from where we took the image is clearly visible.

To avoid running into images with watermarks or images limited to commercial use, in the guide below we will show you right away how to download free photos and images with free licenseie the sites where you can find this free material “Royalty-free” or “CC0” (Creative Commons Zero) imageswhich can be used without any license problem, modifying them as desired and without even mentioning the source.

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Download free photos and images

When it comes to images to download for free we must always pay attention to the type of license with which they are provided, since not all of them can be used for free without limits. When we look for images then we will have to distinguish between two types of images:

  • Public domain images and photos not covered by copyright, available free of charge for any kind of use, without any authorization.
  • Creative Commons licensed images and photos also free to use but with precise limits on distribution, quotation and commercial use.

Creative Commons is a set of free licenses for the fair use of digital products (for information also is licensed under Creative Commons). The images with this license are free, with any limitations expressed by the license itself such as the prohibition of modification or use for commercial purposes or the obligation of attribution.

If we want to use images without anyone being able to tell us anything, it is better to focus on public domain images or licensed CC0 (i.e. Creative Commons free), so that no one can claim paternity and ask us to pay a fee.

Google Images

Google offers a very effective search engine to find all kinds of images, including those with free license. To search for this type of images we open the Google Images site, perform any search, then click on Research tools and then on the menu Rights of usewhere we can select the free license by choosing the item Creative Commons licenses.
Google Images In this way, we will only obtain free images that can also be used for commercial purposes, for example on blogs, forums or other projects.

To start the actual download, press on the free image and, in the preview on the right, right-click on it and use the item Save image as. For some images it is required to open the site to be able to see it at high quality, showing as a preview only a very small or very grainy image; in these cases just open the preview on the right and then click on the image to view it on the site.

Bing Pictures

As a valid alternative to Google Images we can use Microsoft’s search engine, that is Bing Images, to find photos with a free license.
Bing To filter the results based on the license, insert any word or phrase in the search field, then click on the menu License and select the item Public domain O Available free for editing, sharing and commercial use.

All images will be shown that we can use freely without any license or without having to mention the author. To download a public domain image, simply click on it and use the right mouse button on its preview, so you can use the voice Save image as.


If we are looking for a site that only indexes free images, we can try Pixabay.
Pixabay Pixabay is perhaps the best of the free image search siteswhere to find and download free photos and images that can also be used for commercial purposes without the need to mention the source or the author.

Not insignificant, you can also search in Italian and find feedback for practically anything we are looking for, especially if related to the IT field.


Another site very similar to Pixabay for finding free and license-free images is Pexels.
Pexels Pexels is an aggregator that organizes images taken from various photography and image indexing sites, distributed under a Creative Commons Zero license and can therefore also be used for commercial purposes for sites, blogs and digital projects.


Another very interesting site where to find free images is Unsplash.
Unsplash Unsplash is a site very rich in high resolution photos that can be downloaded for free and that can also be used for commercial use, without even needing to credit the photographer. The site offers the best results with words in English, as most of the indexed content is in this language.


Among the most interesting sites where to find free images we also find Getty Images.
GettyImage This site offers 35 million images that you can use for free for a personal blog or for Facebook or other social networks (or any non-commercial project). The site provides, for each free image and photo, a code to be incorporated which ensures the right of attribution.


Among the best sites that we can use to download free photos we also find Flickr.
Flickr Flickr is an often overlooked resource, where we can find images of all kinds, including free ones. By starting any search in the top bar, you can immediately find free images by selecting the filters No known copyright restrictionsso that you can use the content to modify it or for commercial purposes without repercussions from a copyright point of view.

Wikimedia Commons

If we want to use free Creative Commons images we can also rely on Wikimedia Commons.
Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons gathers the photos and images used on Wikipedia and on the Wiki Foundation sites, with over 30 million freely usable multimedia files and many public domain images.

To start a search, type what to look for in the search bar at the top right, then press on the menu All licenses and we select No attribution to immediately access public domain images.


A little known site where you can find free images to download for free is Freerange.
Freerange Freerange is a nice archive of free photos, organized by categories. If we find a photo on this site we can download it freely, without having to mention the source and without having to insert watermarks or attribution links.


If we are looking for images and photos for a professional site or to sponsor our company or business we can download what we need from Burst.
Burst On Burst we can freely download high-quality images to use as a background for websites, as a cover for articles or blogs or as images to be used to create company-themed brochures or flyers.


PicJumbo is the site dedicated to professional photographers and great for downloading high quality photos for free and without having to sign up.
PicJumbo On PicJumbo we can find only very beautiful photographs, so as to be able to create articles on the web or on the blog with high resolution images and with live details, so as to also obtain a good positioning in the indexing phase.


LifeOfPix is ​​a very nice free image site to look at, with photos taken by professional photographers.
LifeOfPix From LifeOfPix we can download and use all the photos we find on the site, without copyright, with a selection divided into categories so that we can always find the photo we are looking for among those uploaded.


JESHOOTS is a free to use and download high resolution photography site; the shots are made by a single professional photographer, who makes them available for free to everyone.
Jeshoots If we are interested in a specific kind of photo, all we have to do is open the right category, look for the photo of our interest and click on Download Photo after previewing the shot.


Another very good site for downloading free images is Kaboompics.
Kaboompics Kaboompics divides the photos into tags, so you can easily search for them; all the photos on the site are absolutely free and can be downloaded without having to provide any email address and without having to sign up for an account.


Stockvault contains a lot of photos and images of excellent quality that can be used for free.
Stockvault Stockvault offers a large selection of high quality photos freely downloadable to your PC and ready to be used in business without having to assign the source and without having to pay for the use of the image with the highest resolution.


Gratisography contains only free high resolution images that you can use for personal or commercial projects.
Gratisography If one of the images of the site is right for us or lends itself well to the project we are about to carry out, we can download it in a simple way by opening the preview and pressing the button Download at no cost or by right clicking on the image and clicking on Save image as.


When we write an article on the blog or on the site or we use images in term papers and documents, make sure that the images used are in the public domain, to prevent our work from being compromised by the legitimate owner of the copyright.

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