Best strategy games for Android and iPhone with other players

android strategy against other players In this list of games dedicated to Android smartphones and tablets only, we see here the best free strategy games, all free, that can be played on Nexus, Samsung, HTC and other new and modern Android mobile phones. In many cases these are games of real-time strategy against players from all over the world.
Without getting lost in small talk, in no particular order and spending a few words for each title, among the best strategy games for Android phones and tablets and for iPhone / iPad, only those that we can play for free, we have:

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1) Clash Of Clansfor two years the most played strategy game in the world on smartphones, where you can build a village, expand it and conquer the lands of the enemies around, commanded by other players, with your own troops.
In another article, at least others were reported 10 strategy games like Clash Of Clans.

2) Clash Royalethe most popular strategy game of recent years, by the same authors of Clash of Clans.

3) Arena of Valorfor Android and iPhone is another online game against high players from all over the world, of the MOBA genre, where you have to mock 5 DC superheroes and make them fight to beat the opponent in an arena.

4) CATS (Crash Arena Turbo Stars), for Android and iPhone is the game where you have to build a robot and see if it wins against the robot built by other players. Very fun, competitive, this game was named the best of 2017.

5) Auto Chess:Origin (Android and iPhone) is a strategy game among the best of 2019, online and multiplayer, where you collect cards to use to fight against 7 other players together. It will therefore be necessary to use all the skills possessed to adapt the right strategies in real time.

6) Stormbound: Kingdom Wars (Android and iPhone) is a beautiful game where you collect cards to use in a strategic way to beat other players in simulated battles in real time.

7) Battle Bay is a very competitive action game for Android and iPhone where you drive a boat and shoot opponents, who are real players, in real time matches.

8) Lord & knights for Android and iPhone it is such a beautiful game that it seems strange that it is free, but it is true, you can install it for free! It is a strategy game where you have to build the castle, recruit a powerful army and fight against thousands of players to capture other castles and become the ruler of a great empire.

9) Grepolis for Android and iPhone is a very popular online strategy game, now also available on Android, where you have to create a powerful empire, an army and harness the power of the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, Hades and Artnis. With a whole lot of real-time strategy gameplay, you have to accumulate trading resources, build buildings and clash with other players.

10) Empires and Allies for Android and iPhone, a Zynga strategy game where you build an army, build weapons to use in war.

11) Robotek for Android and iPhone is a game that uses a slot machine to determine the attacks that players use on their enemies. This might not seem very strategic, but each slot machine has a different effect and in any case each attack must be planned according to a certain strategy by deploying the robots on the field.

12) Plague Inc. is a realistic simulation and strategy game that I have already written about, where you have to create a lethal virus that kills the entire earth’s population.

13) Command & Conquer: Rivals (Android and iPhone) is an intense 1vs1 RTS multiplayer game where units line up to fight. The strategy consists of choosing which units to bring into battle and understanding how to best counter the opponent’s units and strategy. Just like in Clash Royale, units are unlocked and leveled by collecting cards (both free and paid), or by leveling up.

14) Art Of War 3 for Android and iPhone is one of the best RTS games ever, real time war strategy where you lead the army against other players.

15) World Conqueror 4 for Android and iPhone is one of the most complete strategic games, with a real war simulation where you can move and command men and vehicles to conquer the world.

16) Deck Heroes: Legacy for Android and iPhone is a free strategy game where players must collect warrior cards to create the best possible deck to face battles against other players.

17) Age of Warring Empire for Android and iPhone is a strategy game where you have to build an empire and lead troops into battle. The fights are fun and engaging and there are several ways to wage war and bring out your leadership skills.

18) King’s Bounty: Legionsfor Android and iPhone is a turn-based multiplayer battle strategy game with thousands of players from all over the world.

19) The Elder Scrolls: Legendsfor Android and for iPhone, is the official Skyrim game, with collectible cards to be placed on the board to beat opponents, who are real players like us, in a tactical and strategic way.

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20) The Elder Scrolls: Bladesfor Android and for iPhone, the 2019 version of the series, made of exploration, fighting and where you have to create your own city to expand.

21) Langrisserfor Android and for iPhone is a mobile strategy role-playing game with excellent graphics and music, also translated into Italian, which allows you to play with friends in multiplayer, with hero classes, troops and much more.

22) Teamfight Tactics: League’s strategy game for Android and for iPhone is an automatic fighting game from Riot Games, developers of League of Legends. It was supposed to be a game mode in League of Legends, but it has become a mobile game with strategic turn-based battles featuring the heroes of Leagu of Legends.

23) ILLUSION CONNECT, for Android and for iPhone, is a real-time strategy game with highly successful manga graphics. Players recruit Radians and then spend time with them to level them up. Each of them has special abilities to use in combat to defeat the bad guys.

24) Pocket Cityfor Android and for iPhone, is a city building and management simulation game, one of the best Sim City style building games.

25) Rebel Inc.for Android and for iPhone, it is similar to Plague Inc., only instead of a virus, you have to face the rebellions of a country and try to quell them to help alleviate the unrest.

26) Pokemon Unite per Android e iPhone a strategy game for Pokemon coaches.

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