Clickbait ads on X/Twitter are misleading users, what's happening?

Since Twitter transformed into X at the behest of new owner Elon Musk, the social network has seen notable changes applied almost overnight. Every month online there is a discussion about the latest news arriving, but also about the problems resulting from the changes desired by the owner of Tesla. In addition to the possible transformation of Untitled clickbait adwithout a reference account, and even without buttons to block the advertiser or report him.

It’s raining clickbait ads on X

Reports on Twitter are increasing dramatically these days, and you can see some examples below. In the case of CarcelMousineau it is one advertising that resembles a curiosity, as if it were a post like any other. Furthermore, the profile photo of the alleged account also consists of the image published in the post.

Or again, the user Andrew Markowiak identified between one post and another the image without labels some regarding what happens in Dubai. Also in this case, there is no publication context and the photograph of the post is the same as the profile photo.

The same caption appeared to other users with different images, even in the most bizarre contexts. However, there could be an explanation related to the recent removal of news headlines: the change desired by Elon Musk to improve the aesthetics of the social network and the engagement of posts could hide significant technical problems, worsening the impact of fake news and misleading posts. In other words, these alleged advertisements could be news from which related links and profiles are removedleaving only the title and cover at the mercy of the algorithm.

In the absence of more information, all we can do is wait for confirmation from X.


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