Connect in Wifi without ADSL: Possible options

Better possibilities to connect to the Internet in Wifi if we do not have a subscription to the fixed connection at home

wifi without adsl
For who does not have an ADSL for fixed internet connection at home, therefore no line connection, in Fiber or ADSL that it is, and does not want or does not have the possibility to subscribe to a fixed network subscription with one of the various suppliers (without joining the home internet offers with TIM, Fastweb and other suppliers), are some solutions to still connect to the internet in Wifi. In some cases these are rather clever and free options, in others instead of paying for a mobile connection, which can be activated in half a day. Much depends on the place where you live or where you want to use the internet, but generally these are options within everyone’s reach, which allow you to connect to the internet in wifi without ADSL.1) Connect to a public WiFi network
Depending on where you live, there may be many public hotspots that you can take advantage of to connect to the internet for free. If you scan the available wifi networks from your computer or smartphone, you can find unprotected networks from restaurants, bars or even from the public administration. In most cases these are limited wifi networks, which can be used only for short periods of time or which require the registration of an account and the subscription of a prepaid rate. If it is wifi in bars and restaurants, it is likely that you have to be a customer to have a password and in this case it will be a good idea to invest in a coffee or dinner to ask for internet access.
For this option, apps to find free wifi networks in the vicinity and the article on how to surf the Internet for free in Italy and in the world may come in handy.
However, be careful when using a public wifi network, because as explained in the past, this can be controlled and monitored by its owner. When connecting to a public wifi it is always necessary to use a reliable VPN.

2) Using the phone as a WiFi hotspot
Most (practically all) smartphones have the ability to act as a mobile WiFi hotspot. This feature allows you to share your mobile data subscription with any other phone, tablet or computer. The computer will connect to the internet via wifi using the phone’s hotspot which will behave as if it were a router.
The limitations of this option are related to the amount of Giga available in the mobile data subscription, and it will be necessary, on a PC, to reduce internet data traffic on Windows 10 if the Giga are limited.

When creating a mobile hotspot, always remember to enter a login password, otherwise other people may also use our data connection. Furthermore, the use of the mobile device as a WiFi hotspot consumes a lot of battery (if there was this problem, better create thebluetooth hotspot if you can use it).
If then the device to be connected to the internet is only our computer, using wifi is not necessary and you can use your smartphone as if it were a modem connected to the PC via USB cable. The advantages, compared to the WiFi hotspot is that the data transfer speed is higher and, at the same time, that the computer takes care of the phone.
In other articles we have explained:
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3) Purchase a portable cellular router
If using the smartphone’s data plan via a WiFi hotspot is inconvenient or in any case you don’t have enough Giga, you can buy a portable 4G router in any phone store (or even on Amazon). You can then buy a data SIM for portable routers from suppliers such as Iliad, TIM or Vodafone and access the internet in Wifi using the router connection, without having to make restricted subscriptions and paying only for actual use.

4) USB cellular modems
An alternative to the portable cellular router is the USB modem. In practice it is a network device that connects to the USB port of the computer to connect it directly to the internet via a mobile data connection (also in this case it takes a dedicated data SIM). It is practically a USB internet stick, which costs little and works only on a PC. This too can be bought on Amazon or in any electronics store.
Using this type of connection, you can then share the internet to other devices using the free possibility of creating a Wifi Hotspot in Windows 10.

5) Ask the neighbors for wifi
If we have a good relationship with our neighbors and “see” their wifi network, nothing prevents you from trying to ask them for access, perhaps by proposing to pay a share of their subscription for the necessary time.
Even in this case, however, not having control of the network, you must behave as if you were using a public wifi network and, therefore, take all the necessary precautions, including that of using a VPN to encrypt data from our PCs and smartphones .
The ideal would be to ask the neighbor, if the relationship is very good, to activate a second wifi network to be used as a guest only for us.
An important recommendation is to not use methods to access a protected WiFi network and ways of intrusion in order to steal the internet connection from a neighbor, because it would be an illegal action.

6) Other solutions to connect in Wifi
There are also other solutions to have ADSL-free internet at home. For example, in the guide on how to have ADSL Internet without TIM and telephone line we talked about satellite connection and WiMAX, which are alternative connection technologies.


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