Create a Facebook page (Fan-Page) to promote a business or a blog

Create facebook page To promote a business or a website, we can rely on the advertising circuits and use the very large number of users that can be found on social networks like Facebook.
It is not wrong to say that Facebook is considered by many to be the focus of the Internet, thanks to the massive use with which everything is shared on this social (even after the scandal on the data that involved the company its use is not at all diminished indeed people continue to use it without problems).
Most global companies and professionals have realized that Facebook can be a powerful channel to promote brands, products, and services, coming into direct contact with customers and strengthening the business spending little or nothing (at least for the primary purposes, then obviously the larger companies and the multinationals have an entire office that deals with marketing and advertising).
Having a Facebook page or a Fan-Page can, therefore, be a valuable aid to having a website because it allows greater participation by interested visitors.
With Facebook, it is the company that goes to the customer, without making it move, without disturbing it and without forcing it to commit itself to inform itself.
We discover in this guide how to create a Facebook page to promote our business or to push the visits of a site just born.How to create a Facebook page to promote a company or a blog

This sort of marketing can be very effective, since the company shows itself to the customer that, passively or not, it receives the messages almost without noticing (even more if we have a large number of followers).
All blogs they also have a page on Facebook to bring together regular readers and allow them to receive real-time updates that come out on the site, just as practically any business (even a lawyer, a notary or an accountant) can open their own page and submit to a vast audience of his work and his services.
Let’s take a look at all the steps to create a Facebook page to link to our business or the site we manage.

1) Create a personal profile on Facebook

The page is not to be confused with the profile or the group: a profile is personal, a group is the collection of people around an object or a specific topic, while the page has been specifically designed by Facebook as one way for businesses, organizations, companies, and celebrities to communicate with the public in an official manner.
Before creating the pages, you must first have a personal profile (which will act as the page administrator).
For sign up for Facebook we open the link available here -> Facebook.
Facebook registration

We insert in the requested data page and click on subscribe.
Once inside we can customize the profile even more by choosing a photo and a cover image so that those who visit the page will also be able to find out who is its administrator.
The personal profile is in fact completely independent of the page, whoever creates the page does not have to be visible.
Generally, if you want to interact with the public and promote a business or project, you hope to get in touch with hundreds or even thousands of customers and potential customers on Facebook.
But probably not everyone wants to see travel and vacation photos or private comments on movies or concerts so you need to separate things so those who follow the page do not necessarily have to know our facts.
Whether it is a company or a single freelancer, one page is more suitable for commercial purposes.
The fact is that even admitting to knowing how to create a professional site, for the promotion we need the advice of a professional with not always programmable results.

2) How to create a page on Facebook

A Facebook page can be promoted easily and at low costs (even zero!) by directing the message to millions of users who respond to certain and specific characteristics.
The page can be customized as desired and, for each of them, visualization statistics and growth trends are available.
To open and create a page on Facebook you can go to the section reserved for the pages, available here -> Facebook pages.
To create one just click on the top right on Create page.
Create page

First, you are asked to select the type of activity: you can open the page for a local service (bar, restaurant, shop, etc.), for a brand, a product or an organization by choosing the sector, for an artist, a group musical or public figure.
This first choice influences the customization of the Page so, for example, if you choose the local business of a restaurant, you can list the hours of opening or closing.
After choosing the type of activity it is necessary to choose the name of the page: for commercial activities, it must coincide with the name of the activity, while for sites the name of the site.
Facebook page information

This step is important as the choice to give to a new website, as already seen here -> Domain name and title of a new website; how to find it, tools and tips.
You need to use one or two words that allow people to find the page in the search and recognize what it refers to, or simply use the name of the organization or company.
Keep in mind that a name that is too verbose, long or complicated, could become visually terrible because it is placed next to every communication, message or comment we make.
With your personal Facebook account, you can administer the page, manage settings and content.
You can also assign other users administrative rights or remove yourself from the business.
After creating the page with name and essential information we must add an image to the page.
For a professional, like a consultant or a photographer, you can choose to use the photo of yourself or if the page is that of a company or a product, we recommend using the company logo.
Another important thing is to add a short one description of the activity in the information window under the image profile and provide further information on the “Info” tab by entering contact details, internet addresses, products, etc.

3) Find your own page

Some people find it difficult to find their newly created page because there is no direct link on the Facebook home page to access them after creating it.
from the list of Facebook Pages just go to “Pages I’m an administrator” or you can type the first 3 letters of the page name in the Facebook search box.

4) Change the page

By clicking on the three dots in the center of the page and then clicking on Edit information on the page, you access the administration panel where you can decide: national restrictions and limitations based on age, the initial card and those that can be viewed (between Info, Notes, Links, Events, Images, etc.), all the settings of the applications used to publish the contents.
Edit the facebook page

Beyond the many available widgets, which can be added automatically and without effort, Facebook has also created a new programming language called FBML (similar to HTML of normal sites).
In another article there is the guide to creating personalized Facebook pages with HTML iFrame editor, adding the welcome or other.
In another article are listed best apps to add to Facebook pages to communicate with fans.

Businesses, shops or just sellers can read how simple it creates e-commerce on Facebook to sell products online

5) Advertise the page to increase subscribers

When Facebook users follow our page they can interact with it, all their friends will see the activity on it and can, eventually, decide to subscribe too.
Thus the popularity of the page and the promotion of the business are built.

To promote the page for free you can suggest it to friends in your private profile by inviting them to become fans (you must also become a fan of yourself, it is not automatic).
To do this we open our page and in the Community section, we click on Invite your friends.
Add friends page

Add as many friends as possible so you already have a good base to start with (if we have 5,000 friends on your personal profile it is highly likely that at least half of them will also like your page).
To promote yourself from your own website it’s possible to add the “Like” button or another box that allows a site or blog visitors to become fans with a click.
For any business, it is very important to have fans because you can interact with them and we can send messages, news and offers to them.
I, therefore, believe that we should use all the tools to spread this link to the Page, both the classic ones (such as Emails or newsletters), and non-computer tools such as flyers, greeting cards, business cards or promotional items.

10) Create a paid ad on Facebook

If you want to pay Facebook to promote the page and reach new people, you can create an ad that will be displayed on the Facebook site with the word “sponsored” even on profiles of new users.
To take advantage of this paid service (widely used by companies and web-blog pages), just open the page and click on the button Promote.
Promote page

It must be admitted that this paid promotion has been studied really well and can be absolutely effective.
The announcements, in fact, they can involve a featured post, a continuous promotion or a sponsorship on compatible user profiles: the ads do not go in the pile as if it were a TV commercial but they can be addressed on the basis of detailed demographic and social data, such as the geographical area, gender, age, marital status and also the employer.
Advertise paid page

Any marketing expert will agree that one of the most effective ways to generate new fans is to do promotions or gifts.
For example, you can offer a prize when you reach a certain number of fans or create contests or contests.

Note: Facebook policy often changes with regard to gifts and contests (to avoid scams) so check the terms of service first.

To pay Facebook for the service offered, we can use either PayPal or any other type of card (credit card, prepaid card, and compatible Bancomat card).


To conclude we can recommend, to take advantage of the Facebook page to follow simple rules:
– publish interesting content regularly
– include information on real services and products
– collect and stimulate comments or make their friends or relatives like me

Always consider customer stories, their feedback and appreciation, photos and their videos always related to the subject of the page.
Use paid ads in a scientific and reasoned way, so as to have in a very short time many fans who are not just friends and relatives.
If you have a blog, you can configure the page to view the RSS feed of the articles.
While you’re at it, here’s the link to Become a Fan of


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