Customize Android status bar

customize android bar The Android status bar is the small one line that appears at the top of the screen of the smartphone (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others) where there are the icons of the wifi network, the operator, the bluetooth, the battery and where you can also read the time. Using your finger to scroll down that small bar, it expands with notifications and buttons to activate and deactivate phone functions such as wifi, bluetooth, GPS and other things. The Android status bar works well, but it can be improved and personalized in many ways, making it not only richer in information and tools, but also more beautiful and colorful.
Depending on the phone used, you can find some options to customize the status bar, but it is with the installation of some external apps that you get the most functionality.
As for the settings to change the status bar on Android, if we have a smartphone Samsung, you can slide your finger down to expand it and then press the key with three vertical dots in the upper right corner. You can then choose to see only 3 recent notifications or to show all notifications.
On other Android phones you can open them Settings and search for "State"to find the options that change the status bar. On smartphones Huawei you can choose whether to see the connection speed and the battery percentage. On Xiaomi smartphones and others with Notch you can choose whether to hide the Notch and whether to insert a search button instead of the Settings button.
The options of the status bar are mainly those of the notifications and we have seen in another article the guide to the Android notification bar to explore all the various options.

App to customize the Android status bar

There are many apps that change the appearance and functions of the icons and buttons of the status bar and in this list we see some of the best.

1) Bottom Quick Settings is an app that moves the notification panel and the status bar to the bottom of the screen, allowing you to access quick buttons, such as the one to turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, much faster. You can choose the notification shade, rows and columns of the button table, whether to blur the background, change color. It is a fairly important change for the Android interface and it is worth trying to see if you are better off with the status bar at the bottom.

2) Power Shade is one of the best apps to customize notifications on Android, which allows you to change the status bar as you want, not only colors, but also icons, graphic theme of notifications, transparency and buttons to be displayed. As for notifications, you can quickly touch to postpone them, ignore them or read them.

3) Notification Toggle is another application that I had previously mentioned among apps for improve the push button panel with ON / OFF switches. With this app you can customize options such as brightness, audio, Wi-Fi, airplane mode and other things in the notification center and also create personalized links to start your favorite apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. You can change the colors of the switches, add lines to the button panel and change the notification bar on the device.

4) Super status bar is the app specialized in customizing the status bar to make it more readable and richer in information on any Android smartphone. By swiping your finger on the status bar, you can perform gestures to quickly turn the volume up or down, change the brightness and turn the phone functions on or off. It also allows you to read message notifications directly from the status bar.

5) iCenter iOS it is the application that brings the graphics and functionality of the status bar (which is called Control Center in iOS) to Android to Android. You can then expand the control center to use the keys that change the brightness, which stop and start playing music, the volume slider and then the other buttons to activate bluetooth, Wifi, flashlight, camera, calculator and other tools.


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