Duet AI, what is the Google assistant that revolutionizes real-time collaboration

After a slow start and a few hiccups with the launch of Bard, Google is making huge strides in AI-powered collaboration with the launch of Duet AI and its integration into Workspace as well as the entire Google Cloud ecosystem.

With over 3 billion users and more than 10 million paying customers they rely on Google Workspace for their daily activities, the platform has become a leading productivity tool in the world. With the introduction of Duet AI, the Mountain View company adds a new level of intelligence and automation, paving the way for real-time collaboration assisted by artificial intelligence.

What is Duet AI

Thanks to Duet AI, every user can now enjoy a personal assistant who acts as a “handyman adviser”, a source of inspiration and a tool capable of maximizing productivity. All interactions with the assistant are private and user data is not used to train Google models without their permission.

Duet AI innovation isn’t just limited to Google Workspace, it extends to the entire Google Workspace ecosistema Google Cloud. Technology professionals, developers, data processors, security experts, can now benefit from the assistance of Duet AI through a wide range of Google Cloud products and services. This opens up new opportunities to streamline application development, simplify infrastructure management, accelerate data analysis, and improve cybersecurity.

Duet AI for developers

L’digital assistant AI-powered Google uses natural language to communicate with users. For example, a programmer can ask Duet AI to help him write complex code, while a data analyst may require assistance processing complex SQL queries. Duet AI provides assistance throughout application development cycle: from data analysis to infrastructure management.

Duet AI code and chat support are available in Sundar Pichai-led company’s various development environments: Google Cloud, Cloud Workstation and Cloud Shell Editor. Furthermore, through the Cloud Code IDE extensions, it is possible to use Duet AI also in third-party IDEs such as Visual Studio Code and in JetBrains IDEs such as CLion, GoLand, IntelliJ, PyCharm, Rider e WebStorm. The idea is to make Duet AI available where each programmer spends more time developing the code: in this way he can maximize his productivity by minimizing context switching.

Application modernization

The application modernization it is a challenge that requires considerable time and resources: Duet AI is proposed as a fundamental resource to simplify the process. The assistant is able to support developers during the refactoring of the codespeeding up the process of migrating to Google Cloud.

Imagine having to migrate an application legacy written in C++ to a more modern solution based on Go. Duet AI can do much of this process without any manual intervention: just a simple prompt in natural language of the type “Convert this function to Go and use Cloud SQL“. Duet AI rewrites the function in Go and automatically updates the database connection with Cloud SQL. This feature not only speeds up development time, but also reduces the risk of human errors during migration.

Context-aware code generation

Duet AI provides the ability to customize the assistant with the specific knowledge of each individual company. This way you can enable the generation of contextually relevant code hints. Google assistant can for example automatically generate code relying on the company’s specific classes and methods to interact with its product catalog.

Duet AI: automatic code generation

API management and application integration

APIs and integration services play a key role in communication between different services. Using Duet AI Assistant with services such as Apigee API Management e Application Integration, it is possible for developers to design, build, and publish APIs using simple natural language commands. This feature democratizes access to API creation, making the overall process more intuitive and affordable for everyone.

Explore Data and Databases with Duet AI

Duet AI is also designed to accelerate data analysis and optimize the database management. In the context BigQuery, Duet AI provides contextual assistance for writing SQL queries and Python code to access and analyze data. Analysts can benefit from automatic generation of functions, auto-completions and explanations of SQL queries.

Duet AI is also integrated with Vertex AIenabling the connection of BigQuery tables with Vertex AI models to enhance textual analyzes and generate new attributes to enrich the data model.

To preview the benefits of Duet AI for developers, Google suggests registering from this page.

A valid aid for professionals, in any sector

Duet AI can also generate document summaries, create presentations and provide suggestions during meetings. In this regard, the new Google assistant can even participate in the meeting online instead of the user by collecting information, interacting with other participants and making sure that no information is lost.

The solution just presented eliminates the burden of take notes and send summaries. Duet AI can in fact capture notes, actions and video fragments in real time with the new function “take notes for me” transmitting a report to participants at the end of the meeting.

The integration with Google Cloud also goes through Meet. Duet AI becomes one of the pillars of the Google solution for messaging and videoconferencing: artificial intelligence can intervene on the rendering of the audio-video stream by intervening on the lighting, on the sound, on dynamic boxes that highlight the face and name of each participant.

Thanks to subtitles in 18 languages, Meet is able to automatically detect when a conversation partner speaks another language and display the translation in real time.

Duet AI and Google Meet integration

Email and task scheduling

In those moments in which it is important to respond promptly to an email but you are on the move (for example by car or other means of transport) or busy with an absolute priority, Duet AI improves Gmail smart replies allowing you to process longer personalized responses, with a single tap or with voice commands.

Google also gives a concrete example and describes the case of a financial analyst than receive an email at 5:00pm from your manager asking you to produce a Q3 performance presentation by 8:00am the following day. Instead of scrambling to review the contents of spreadsheets, forward-looking documents, monthly slides, sifting through colleagues’ emails, and more, it will soon be possible to ask Duet AI to do the heavy lifting with a request like “Create a third quarter performance summary“.

Generate presentations with Duet AI

Duet AI can create a completely new presentation, complete with text, graphics and images, based on your relevant content found in Drive and Gmail. A last-minute request that once required several hours of work and quite a few headaches can now be completed before dinnertime.

Google Workspace subscribers can request access to Duet AI in preview today by filling out the appropriate registration form.

The images in the article are from Google.


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