Format text on WhatsApp to write in italics, bold, strikethrough, etc.

WhatsApp messages For write-in WhatsApp chat we don’t necessarily have to use the style provided by the app or our keyboard; to make the texts more engaging we can indeed write in bold, italic or strikethrough, using simple tricks during writing (all simple to apply once learned).
For write with WhatsApp formatting styles as you would on a Word document, with bold and italics, you have to put the text inside some special characters or use a quick menu of choice; in this guide we will show you how to format the text on WhatApp and, in a dedicated chapter, how to change the font on WhatApp, so as to make the text appear in the style we like most.

Write in bold, italics and strikethrough text on WhatsApp

As mentioned in the introduction the guide will consist of two chapters: in one we will show you how to use bold, italics and strikethrough text in WhatsApp messages, in the other chapter we will show you how to change the font and style of messages in the chat. The guide is valid for both WhatsApp on Android and WhatsApp on the iPhone.
First of all, it is important to know that the options to format the text in Whatsapp messages can be found in the menu you buy by touching and selecting a word or message. After writing the message and before sending it, touch and hold to select one or more words and then, from the small menu that appears to copy and paste, press the three vertical dots button to find the options that format the text in bold, italic, strikethrough or monospaced.
Alternatively, you can also format the text of Whatsapp messages in the following ways.

  • For write, the bold text just adds the asterisk sign to the sides of the word. For example, you can write * How2do * to see the writing in bold How2do. Alternatively, we can achieve the same effect by touching and holding the finger on the written text, selecting the menu Other and choosing Bold.
  • For write in italics, we have to close the word between two underscore signs (ie the two underscores), for example, the word _pomhey_ becomes pomhey. Alternatively, we can achieve the same effect by touching and holding the finger on the written text, by pressing on the menu Other and selecting the item this time italic.
  • If we have to write one word with strikethrough text just use the tilde symbol (a kind of comma). The word ~ ​​How2do ~ is displayed in Whatsapp in this way How2do. Also, in this case, we can use the menu Other, selecting the item strikeout.
  • Finally, to get the text monospaced, we will have to insert the desired word among 3 grave accents, in this way “ `testo“`. Also, in this case, we can apply this text style using the More menu and pressing on the item monospaced.

The advice given should be effective also on other chats similar to WhatsApp, such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Skype (which also have other menus to vary the style of writing).

Change font and style on WhatsApp

To make our messages on WhatsApp even more beautiful and captivating, we can change the font and style of the messages shown in the various chats. These changes will only affect our WhatsApp app for Android, therefore they will not be applied, in the great majority of cases, to our interlocutor (as instead happens when we write a text in bold, italics, strikethrough or monospace).
To change font and style on WhatsApp we can use the following apps.

Chat Styles

One of the prettiest apps for changing fonts and writing styles is Chat Styles.
Chat Styles

Just choose the font, size or font to be used to see it immediately applied in all our WhatsApp chats (even those already created). In addition to the font, it also allows you to customize emoticons and emojis, so as to obtain a truly unique style.

Cool Fonts

Another useful app for changing fonts and styles on WhatsApp is Cool Fonts.
Cool Fonts

This app works like a text generator: we will then have to insert the message to embellish inside it and then choose the style we want to apply from those available in the list that will appear. Once you’ve chosen the style you like best, just copy it and paste it into the chat.

Stylish Text

Another app to try on Android to format messages on WhatsApp with a new style is Stylish Text.
Stylish Text

It integrates into the contextual menu of Android (the one that can be recalled by selecting the text and keeping it pressed with your finger), so you can apply more than 100 different writing styles and fonts on the fly. Currently, one of the best to generate cute and captivating texts on any chat.

Text Font Generator

Among the most interesting apps to generate texts with custom fonts is Text Font Generator.
Text Font Generator

This app works as a text generator with a custom font, so we will first have to write the message inside it and then choose which style or font to adopt. A special feature of this app is the encoding, which allows you to view the message in the desired style within WhatsApp and (in some cases) make it viewable even by the interlocutor.

Other apps and services similar to those mentioned above can be viewed in our guide on how Change Font and font in WhatsApp messages.
To change the way we write in WhatsApp chats we can also rely on customizable keyboards, like those seen in our article at Best keyboards for Android, to change the way of writing.


The writing styles indicated at the beginning of the guide also work with multiple words and entire sentences; in fact, we can enclose a word with all the special characters to have it, simultaneously in bold, italic, barred and monospaced. If, on the other hand, we love to write with cute or full of emoji and graphic effects, just use one of the apps to change fonts or to generate custom text.

To embellish WhatsApp chats with stickers, with memoji and animoji, we suggest you read our two dedicated guides on How to send Stickers on Whatsapp and download new stickers for chats is How to Send Memoji and Animoji from Whatsapp for Android.


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