Tools and apps to use to broadcast live on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube simultaneously

Live Streaming
On modern social networks, it has become common practice to make direct live streaming of our daily life or a recording of everything we do on the PC so that we can share our businesses with video games or to show a step-by-step guide to a class of distressed users.
One of the problems faced by first time recorders is the live stream sharing on multiple platforms so that we can increase the catchment area and monetize our earnings to the maximum (obviously for direct with many potential users).
In this guide, we will try to help all novice users with live broadcasts on social networks, by showing you the best sites with which to make direct videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube simultaneously.
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How to stream live on multiple platforms

Before jumping headfirst on the services to stream on multiple platforms we will show you some of the most useful tools for making quality shots or to record the PC screen without time limits.

Best tools for quality live broadcasts

In order to achieve direct quality live streaming from the computer, we make sure to provide our recording station with the following equipment:

  • Quality video camera: a good digital video camera with a USB connection will allow you to record our actions and stream them in real-time. The best camera for the purpose is the YinFun Youtube Camera (99 €), to be combined with the Tripod, TACKLIFE MLT01 (29 €) to obtain maximum stability.
  • Professional microphone: even if the previous video camera includes a good microphone, it is worthwhile to immediately focus on a professional microphone with a built-in pop filter, such as the Neewer NW-800 Professional Condenser Microphone (€ 41).
  • High definition webcam: if we do not want to place a video camera we can take advantage of a high-quality webcam such as the AUKEY Webcam 1080p Full HD with Stereo Microphone (49 €).

If the purpose of our live broadcasts is the filming of everything that passes on the PC screen (i.e. a screencast), we recommend using the following programs:

  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS): the best program to make any type of live video, simultaneously recording both our face and the computer screen.
  • SimpleScreenRecorder: a simple tool to record the computer screen and create the stream to be sent in live streaming.
  • Captura: another free program useful for recording everything that passes on the PC monitor.
  • XSplit Broadcaster: a professional tools like OBS to record from multiple sources, so that you can generate the link for direct live streaming.

To discover other useful programs for live broadcasts and to record the screen, we advise you to read our guide to Programs to record the screen.

Services for direct cross-platform streaming

After equipping our computer for live broadcasts on the Internet, we must first of all register on social networks that offer live streaming. If we have not already done so, subscribe to the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram (Facebook account is actually enough)
  • YouTube
  • Twitch (for live video games)
  • TikTok

After signing up for all the services indicated and setting up the broadcasting station (also following the advice of our guide Stream videos and create a live web TV), we can try one of the best services for cross-platform live streaming, namely StreamYard.

By opening an account on StreamYard we can register directly from the web by providing the necessary permissions to the browser for webcam, video camera or microphone and broadcast live on Facebook (both posts and groups or pages of which we are administrators), on Twitch or on YouTube.
Once all the social accounts on which we want to transmit are associated (keep an eye on the permissions), just organize the interface and start the live (On Live), so as to transmit anywhere. The free version of the service provides 20 hours of streaming monthly and the StreamYeard logo will appear on all live broadcasts; with the paid version (starting from € 20) the service logo will be removed and we will be able to transmit without time limits, in addition to the possibility of advanced customization (transitions, titles and other useful tools for direct).

Alternatively, we can make direct videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube simultaneously using the service offered by Loola.

By registering an account we will have access to a clear and simple interface with which we can immediately associate all our social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Twitch) and start direct streaming.
In the free version of the service, we will be able to transmit for a maximum of 3 hours and publish up to a maximum of 16 broadcasts per month, but the advantages are truly remarkable: we can immediately go through your YouTube channel (no need to configure other servers) and we will be able to manage comments directly from the interface.

Among the services that allow you to make direct videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube at the same time we could not miss Restream, which offers support for 30 different platforms.

By registering an account on Restream we can both create a multimedia stream directly from the site (and re-share it on all existing social networks) and register with one of the programs mentioned above and retransmit the link of the stream in RMTP format, the one most used for direct live streaming.
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If we are well on our way to becoming successful YouTubers, let’s not just share our live streaming only on one platform! Many people interested in our content can also be reached on other social networks, so as to increase the number of fans, the number of advertising visitors and monthly earnings.

To make money with videos and live streams, please read our guide How to make money with YouTube, video channels, and video blogs.
If, on the other hand, we are passionate about video games and we often make direct videos of our adventures, we can monetize the traffic by reading also the suggestions proposed in the guide How to make money with video games.


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