Google Messages beats WhatsApp, voice notes with noise cancellation

The will on the part of Google to standardize the world of instant messaging as regards proprietary platforms, has been clear for some time. The attention given to the app Messages it is there for all to see and therefore the giant does not intend to stop.

In fact, the Mountain View company recently wrote to the European Union to try to convince Apple to support the RCS service. It all ended with a “mission accomplished”, as the Cupertino giant miraculously accepted, giving availability starting from 2024.

This therefore denotes great attention on the part of Google in the development of this resource, which is why it is trying to increase the possibilities of its Messages app. In fact, the latter constantly receives new features: all the new updates of this last period bear witness to this.

Apparently, however, it’s not over, as the intention is to soon release another useful tool to contribute to the improvement of voice messaging.

Google Messages gets noise cancellation for audio notes

It has happened to everyone to send a voice note for example with WhatsApp and very often to receive a request from the interlocutor to record again or perhaps to write due to too much background noise. Well, precisely to avoid these problems, Google wants to do something more for its Messages application: a feature will soon arrive noise cancellation for voice notes.

As the rumor suggests, this new feature will take care of canceling background noise while recording an audio note. In this way the voice will be clear and perfectly distinguishable.

It will be an additional weapon when the environmental noise proves to be too strong, such as in the subway or at the cinema. Those who have tested the feature in the beta version report a noticeable reduction in background noise.


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