Google GMail will make it easier to unsubscribe spam

No matter how careful users are in selecting their emails or perhaps their website subscriptions on the web, there will always be annoying emails ready to annoy due to their content. Fortunately it appears that GMail is about to bring some great news in this regard.

It should be noted that many annoying emails of this kind often contain a link at the bottom that allows you to unsubscribe. However, many users find this process very boring, i.e. scroll down and look for the small writing. From here, a page on the web is also opened where you often also have to select the reasons for choosing to unsubscribe.

This is exactly what Google wants to change: the process for quickly unsubscribing.

GMail against spam emails, a faster method to unsubscribe arrives

Google GMail will make it easier to unsubscribe spam

Since exactly 2014 GMail has held a button useful for unsubscribing directly at the top of the page reserved for the individual email. This is certainly the quickest and most intuitive way for users to prevent companies from sending promotional messages that are not at all interesting.

This solution, however, as reported on several occasions, is not displayed on Android and this is precisely what we are working on. In fact, some rumors have reported that a new version of the app is being developed specifically to allow you to view the “Unsubscribe” also on the green robot’s mobile devices.

As you can see in the images above, there will be a button located to the right of the sender address. Everything will work exactly like the web version, although unfortunately no one knows when Google will release this new update.

There will be important news starting next week on this matter, but for the moment we will have to wait. It’s a period of great change for GMail and apparently several new features are planned.


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