Google reviews VPN apps and highlights the most reliable ones

Just last month, Google announced the introduction of real-time app scanning with Google Play Protect for application installations on Android. Now the company is making it even easier by letting you see which apps have undergone a security audit independent within Google Play Store.

Today the Mountain View giant announced that it will add a new banner to the famous content market for some specific apps. This will take care of providing a complete and simplified overview of which apps have undergone an independent security audit. Initially everything will concern apps VPN.

Google increases protection and starts with VPNs

Google says it will introduce the banner for VPNs first due to the generous and significant amount of data handled by VPNs. You may notice a special banner that will serve for this purpose. Everything will work very easily: the apps that will present the badge on the right have already been checked and validated to the global minimum safety standard.

This new badge will appear in the “Security” tab of the app that users will open to download. If you are wondering how the security check is done, it is conducted using Mobile App Security Assessment. This rating metric was introduced just last year for all users.

Google says that all applications that have obtained such a check automatically meet minimum security and privacy standards.

The company also says there will be a section dedicated to additional information that users can access. This way you will be able to see a complete list of each content examined, as well as other details on the technical evaluation.

Little by little, as users wish, the Android world is becoming more and more secure and there will be many other innovations in the near future.


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