Google Wallet stores transport tickets and trips taken

The big series of updates that Google has prepared for its applications during the last month of October has been impressive. Several platforms have reported important improvements that users really liked. Little by little these innovations are also extending to the stable versions, abandoning the beta development phase.

Google has released a several updates for Google Wallet during this month. The next batch of updates is coming to enable a new feature related to public transportation. In fact, users will have the opportunity to view the chronology of the races, to memorize the transport maps public and much more.

Google Wallet updates, public transport cards arrive and much more

In an official blog post that was shared today, the company announced some new features coming to Google Wallet. The new features in question aim to make every movement easier.

The first function will allow users to have access to the history of trips taken, as well as a report on the money saved in relation to the time spent. Furthermore, any updates regarding the service with any delays and changes will be sent directly from the transport company to the Wallet app. At least for the moment the launch looks set for the end of the year, and is limited to buses in Brighton and Hove in United Kingdom. However, Google says it will arrive on a large scale next year.

The other feature is coming to the United States and will allow passengers to store transportation cards in the app. When the feature rolls out, users will be able to check their prepaid transit card balance and also note their transaction history. All users will also be able to top up the card via Wallet or set it to happen automatically. We will soon know whether this new update will also concern Europe.


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