Hamas uses BiBi malware to attack Israel

A study conducted by the Israeli cybersecurity company Security Joesdiscovered a new type of malware wiper which has the ability to erase entire computer systems and render them unusable. According to experts, this is used by Hamas or by hackers affiliated with the terrorist group.

The malware, known as BiBi, was discovered in several Israeli corporate networks, where it caused significant damage. The malicious agent operates in the environment Linux, where it can cause substantial damage to operating systems in a short time. The word BiBi is a reference to the nickname of the Israeli prime minister, i.e Benjamin Netanyahu.

Researchers analyzed the malware, finding that it resembles some of the most advanced cyber weapons around. For professionals in the sector, in fact, the code closely resembles Shamoona malware used by Iranian hackers to attack computer systems in the Middle East.

With the BiBi malware, the conflict between Hamas and Israel is also cyber

Shamoon is a malicious agent based on portions of code and systems from ten years ago and, in this regard, it is not clear whether BiBi represents a direct evolution of the latter.

Second Ido NaorCEO di Security Joes “We identified this malware in a group of Hamas sympathizers. Hamas may have the capabilities to develop such malware, but we are currently still investigating the group’s capabilities“.

Countries that currently possess cyber weapons of this caliber appear to be Iran, China, North Korea and, possibly, Russia. The use of such malware demonstrates an escalation in the capabilities of Hamas supporters involved in a conflict, therefore, which also develops through new technologies.

Furthermore, the use of BiBi goes beyond classic jamming operations, such as attacks on websites, email theft and similar operations. In fact, with this malware, computers and systems of vital importance to Israel are physically knocked out.

Security Joes has shared malware indicators (identifiers used to locate malware in organizational security systems) with the National Cyber Security Authorityrecommending updating cybersecurity measures in Israeli companies and institutions to counter the malicious agent.


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